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GamingThread Is it finally time to talk about Dragon Ball FighterZ atrocious female representation?
Reason User Banned (1 week): Misrepresenting other members and dismissing concerns surrounding inclusivity over a series of posts
I have no problem with this character. The problem I have is that I see people wanting her so badly in the game they have no problem using wrong excuses (not enough females, too much Sayan, not enough Super, survey from 2019 for a show who ended in 1996 and only got fillers since then). If you guys want to be honest, just make this thread clear in the first place, and name it "Please bring Caulifla in DBZF". No need to use dishonest reasons behind it, everybody should want more options (and I do).


GamingThread Persona 5R "New Projects" Teaser Trailer. More details coming March 2019. PS4 confirmed for now.
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Ignoring modpost and system warring; account still in junior phase
There was no rumor outside some "insider" telling people what they wanted to read and a Smash DLC (we already saw that it means nothing, just look at Belmond). That's kinda light to start such massive speculation threads. Do you also have examples of this situation with for example a Xbox port ? Because I don''t. But maybe my memory is failing me.That's your opinion. Care to elaborate ?


GamingThread Luke Smith on Destiny 2 Forsaken Sales
Reason User Banned (1 day): Pattern of trolling Destiny 2 threads
Again you can see here how low the expectations of Destiny enthusiats can go. Calling the game perfect now with all the issues never fixed since 2014 and the price asked to play since then, no wonder why Activision is disappointed by the sales and revenue. They know they can get more from those customers. There is still room for more anti consumer practices before the goodwill runs out.


GamingThread Destiny 2 is the most aggressively marketed game I’ve ever seen
Reason User Warned: Thread whining
7 pages ? It's really strange seeing D2 enthusiasts here. I mean, if you just want to have fun and not look at the shady practices, go play the game (or stay on the enthusiats forums). It's impossible to call out Bungie or Activision without being dismissed by some people incapable of reading a criticism addressed to some company they don't even belong. If the game is this fun, why are you wasting time defending Bungie ? Why do you feel offended when someone is not loving it ?


GamingThread Destiny 2 Forsaken Dreaming City Trailer
Reason User Warned: Thread derailing.
Since the very beginning of Destiny, Bungie has always charged players too much, for too little content. And with the time, you can now add more lies from them, anti consumer practices and more seasons pass to pay. As long as some people (see here for example) are ready to defend them no matter what, they should not be worried about pricing. Look at how many people lowered their standards so much that they litteraly thank Bungie for not aiming higher than a 2015 expansion and charging more for that. It's like they don't even try the competition seriously to see how far behind Destiny is. We are talking about the only game in the industry with at the same time a premium price, forced expansions (or removal of game modes) and lootboxes (worst form of microtransactions). Not even COD or FIFA does that.