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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

Transistor's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Digital Foundry: Analysis of PS5 teardown video
Red Text This thread is for Digital Foundry's analysis of the PS5 teardown video. While commentary on the content of the video is encouraged; conspiracy theories about journalistic bias, platform wars, and drive-by posts will be strictly moderated from this point on.


GamingThread A Naughty Dog Appreciation Thread
Red Text The creator of this thread has acknowledged the very real issues with crunch in the gaming industry and at Naughty Dog specifically. This is a topic that has been discussed in many threads on this site. With this in mind, let's not come in here to simply derail the thread with crunch allegations, questionable sources, and hostility.


GamingThread Paper Mario and the Origami Salami: A Dunkey Video
Red Text Going forward, we're not going to host individual threads for Dunkey's videos. If someone wants to make a Dunkey OT in the Hangouts section, they're more then welcome to. All Dunkey content can be hosted in it.


EtcetEraThread The Lincoln Project is now going after other Republican leaders
Red Text The fact that there is a segment of the GOP that is willing to go against the bulk of the party is a newsworthy, and quite unusual, thing. However, we don't need threads for the ads themselves.


GamingThread Schreier: Some developers at Avalanche are troubled by JK Rowling's transphobia as they work on the new Harry Potter game
Red Text The article in this thread is about how the developers are troubled by Rowling's recent transphobic comments and how fans of the series are struggling with excitement over the game, and future properties, while also denouncing and not wanting to support Rowling due to her bigotry.


GamingThread PlayStation 5 System Architecture Deep Dive |OT| Secret Agent Cerny [SEE 4/1 STAFF POST]
Red Text This thread is about the specified Specs Cerny has discussed for the PS5 and what that means for playstation going foward. This thread is not about the XSX or conspiracy theories about hardware developers fabricating their hardware specifications


GamingThread PlayStation 5 System Architecture Deep Dive |OT| Secret Agent Cerny [SEE STAFF POST]
Red Text As this thread has been derailed, it is important to remind everyone that this thread is for discussion regarding Cerny's presentation about the system architecture of the PlayStation 5. It's time to get back on topic.


GamingThread PS5 Speculation |OT12| - Aw hell, Transistor's running this again? [TRANSISTOR MADE A STAFF POST. READ IT, MMKAY?]
Red Text Alright, people. Listen up. The Series X specs officially got revealed. You can discuss those here:


GamingThread PS5 and Xbox Series speculation |OT12| - Aw hell, Transistor's running this again? [THERE'S A STAFF POST! READ IT!]
Red Text There have been a number of posts lately that have been less speculation and more trolling, hostility, and generalizing. People are allowed to speculate that the GitHub leak might be the final specs. People are allowed to speculate that they're not final. Calling out other members who believe what you don't is unacceptable and will be moderated as such. Cut the hostilities and keep the thread fun and informative without attacking each other.


GamingThread PS5 and Xbox Series speculation |OT11| Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War [NEW NEWS, NEW THREAD - CHECK OUT THE STAFF POST]
Red Text Alright everybody, listen up. As we approach OT12 of this living nightmare, we're gonna throw down a new rule. Random speculation and math and teraflops and whatnot will stay in this thread, as will the avatar bet silliness. However, if something credible (and I must stress the word credible) gets leaked or announced, a new thread should be created for it. As the saying goes, "new news new thread." That will keep things from being buried under the RDNA2 mathematics in here.


GamingThread PlayStation and Facebook cancel GDC appearances citing coronavirus concerns [SEE STAFF POST]
Red Text If Sony wants to cancel their public showings, that's up to them and this has no bearing on whether or not it was the "right" decision. People have their own opinions about this decision, and that's fine, but you do not need to be disrespectful towards each other.


GamingThread PlayStation cancels planned PAX East appearence due to increasing concerns related to Coronavirus [SEE STAFF POST]
Red Text People are allowed to believe this is an overreaction from Sony, just like people are allowed to believe it's a sensible precaution. Do not attack others just because they disagree with you about this.


GamingThread Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (launches on January 28th for $5.99) [SEE STAFF POST]
Red Text Cut it out with the drive-by posts. It's ok to be disappointed in the new Smash character, and we encourage discussion. However, drive-by posts simply saying that you're just here to see people upset are not conducive to the conversation and will be receiving moderation action going forward.


GamingThread FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE - Spoiler Discussion [SEE STAFF POST]
Red Text We cannot have direct download links to the entire soundtrack of an unreleased game floating around in this thread. Anyone who continues to post those links will be moderated accordingly. Additionally, do not request PMs on where to find them, or ask where to find downloads to the songs in the thread.


EtcetEraThread The Rise of Skywalker Review Thread: The Sheev Saga Comes to a Close [No Spoilers] (Rottenwatch: 58%; 8% away from Order 66) [SEE STAFF POST]
Red Text Reminder: Do NOT post spoilers in this thread, even if they're tagged. Those stay in the spoiler thread. Spoilers posted in this thread will be subject to moderation actions.


EtcetEraThread Bernie Sanders endorsed TYT founder and carpetbagger Cenk Uygar in CA 25 Congressional Race [SEE STAFF POST]
Red Text There can be a discussion on whether Cenk Uygur is a good candidate for Congress or not. However, many of the misogynistic comments made by Uygur were in the last few years, and they have been condemned by LGBTQ+ groups and women's groups in the area. As such, please keep this in mind and do not excuse the comments or dismiss concerns and objections to Uygur as bad faith attacks.


GamingThread TPC: Pokémon Sword & Shield has sold through 6M copies (2M in Japan alone). It's the fastest selling Nintendo Switch software ever. [SEE STAFF POST]
Red Text This thread is to discuss the sales of the new Pokemon games. While we understand that people have issues with the new games, attacking others for liking or disliking them is *not* allowed. Hostility from this point on will be actioned appropriately.


GamingThread [OPEN SPOILER] Now that the entire Sword/Shield Pokédex leaked, let's mourn the Pokémon that got Thanos-snapped by Game Freak [SEE STAFF POST]
Red Text Discussions on the national dex and what pokemon are and aren't included in Sword / Shield are encouraged. Lazy Dev Rhetoric and hostility towards other members will be actioned harshly.


GamingThread Over 1000 people are working on Pokémon Sword & Shield, twice as much as for Sun & Moon [SEE STAFF POST]
Red Text People are allowed to comment on how the new Pokemon game looks. However, they are NOT allowed to claim the developers are lazy, per the ResetEra general guide. Also, people are *not* allowed to constantly troll others who disagree with their opinions.


EtcetEra HangoutsThread US PoliEra 2019 |OT8| IAMTHEHERO
Red Text Let's drop the hot takes and shitposts, please. Let's all try to keep discussion healthy, not antagonize and escalate, and if needed, the ignore function is there.


EtcetEraThread Leaked Clips from The Joker [WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS] Up: Second Clip Leaked [SEE STAFF POST]
Red Text Cut out the hostility in this thread. People are allowed to have opinions about the film and are allowed to disagree with each other. However, if it comes to personal insults and hostility directed at other members that remains unacceptable and a violation of the site's ToS. If you don't want to talk about the leaks, then just don't post.