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EtcetEraThread Now Tulsi sues Hillary for $50 million for calling her a "Russian asset"
Reason User Banned (1 month): dismissing concerns around homophobia
Like I said, if the evidence against Hillary is Mt Everest...this evidence against Tulsi is an ant hill at best. It needs to be remotely comparable to be whataboutism...Hillary has years upon years of constant association, photos and accepting large donations from Epstein, Weinstein and company. The closest thing to literal slaves in the modern world at the governors house in Arkansas. Tulsi has a handcam video of her at a party and shitty views when she was in her early 20s? Hillary did all this shit as a grown ass woman. Hell, Hillary literally didn’t support gay marriage publicly until 2013 at least two years after Gabbard. It’s not even close. Also, in response to your last post...I am not calling Era a monolith. I can give you specific users who are doing this. I’m getting out of this thread now because this is not remotely the hill I want to die on.


EtcetEraThread Andrew Yang Raises $10 Million, in a Display of Fundraising Strength
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Inflammatory Accusations
The fact is that even if he’s convinced a single person in his entire life, he’s accomplished much more than you have with your bloodthirsty, no one deserves redemption backwards ass mindset that convinces no one. You claim to be progressive and yet your view on forgiveness is worse than human beings figured out in the time of Hammurabi. You’re literally trying to set us back ~3800 years.