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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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GamingThread Polygon: Resident Evil Village has a big vampire lady and fans love her
Reason User banned (2 weeks): inappropriately misusing LGBTQ concerns in order to defend the objectification of women, backseat moderation
I enjoyed that thread, but as a bisexual, I feel that it is bi-erasure to allow discussion of one part of my sexuality, but disallow another. A refusal to let any thread like this happen also throws people from other parts of the LGBTQ+ community under the bus. There are posts in this thread that I thought went too far and made me cringe. I won't deny that. But you claimed there is a double standard on Era about this, and there is not.


EtcetEraThread [Rumor] Exclusive: Ewan McGregor Signs on For Obi-Wan Kenobi Return
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Trolling Over a Series of Posts
How about on the dole?


EtcetEra HangoutsThread Mental Health ERA |OT| You are not Alone
Welp, I've had an interesting time since last posting. I've been put on a higher dosage of medication, but my pharmacy hasn't had my meds in stock for weeks, so I haven't been taking them, and have no intention of going back on them given the agony that they put me through when adapting back to them. I was supposed to be getting help with my living situation, but I haven't heard from anybody about that. So I've tried pouring myself into getting somewhere with my education again, and this is where it gets fucked up. Three years ago I wasn't eligible to take the Access to Social Science course that I wanted to do, because I didn't have the GCSEs to take it. (I was bullied severely at school and ended up being pulled out of the system by my parents, so never got to take my exams.) Even though the entire point of an Access Course is to serve as an entry level method of getting into higher education (That's why it's called an course!), I was rebuffed and left to stew. That helped kick start my collapse into depression and alcoholism, which led to me losing my fiance and, in turn, led to me trying to take my life at the end of last year. This year they've scrapped the GCSE requirements, you just have to go to an interview and take a Maths and English proficiency exam to ensure you can cope with the studies. This was not an option three years ago. Now, I should be elated that this has changed, that I can go where I wanted to go with my studies, but I'm not. Instead the first thought that cropped up in my head, after applying for the course, was "If they can take me now, why couldn't they before?" All that suffering that I ended up going through, losing all the good things that I had in my life, all of that happened for no reason at all. Life can be a cruel fucking joke sometimes, I swear.