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EtcetEraThread DatingEra - This isn't like one of your animes
Reason [user was banned: 24-hour timeout] Continuing to make heated remarks, attacking users after a prior warning
You actually should read what kind of card he played because there's no way someone who actually cares remain insensitive to it Also I'm fucking tired of reading "these are games". If you cant respect yourself enough don't put your weak shit on me, ty When you re making a plan and everything, if the girl shows flakiness it's your job to tell her that you made all the arrangements since there was an agreement. So yeah, indeed, you re going to pick her up unless she completely bails. If she does so then you re done trying until she contacts you so you can offer a date again Now chrono is quite skilled at manipulating people and he absolutely knows by saying that since he's going away, he's not sure where it will end up Guess what, it is scientifically proven by a LOT of easily findable studies that women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear. On top of that he's like "im going away soon..." which in a negotiation is the biggest power you can have since it basically tells that he's willing / able to walk away. And no one, again, is cold to that argument unless you have good reasons So yeah, please keep your knight in shining armor's kinda comment to yourself because it shows the clear lack of knowledge you have on the field. Same as ACB I have no respect whatsoever for people doing witch hunting for the sake of it. If anything I'm only giving straightforward feedback. The girl felt for it because of a possibility of loss, no more no less, and she wanna give a really nice memory of it all