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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

Switch's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Nintendo took down a Smash stage containing trans flag and suspended the player that posted it because it was considered a "political statement"
Reason User Banned (permanent): trolling, system warring, a long history of similar infractions
Nintendo whole approach to digital and online has been something out of the dark ages


GamingThread Why do people treat every new Nintendo IP a sales failure even when they are objectively not?
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Hostility, history of console warring: accumulated infractions
[no, but hey at least I didn't kill 'your son'


GamingThread Digital Foundry: Anthem Console First Look: Xbox One X/ PS4 Pro Head-To-Head
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Consistent history of system warring and numerous accumulated infractions
Or Anthem plays best at 51 fps LOL Still, Even DF have to pander to the PS generation for their Youtube clicks, no doubt after they praised Red Dead II on the One X a little too much, they not need to try and dish out some One X knocking. I expect it off most of the Eurogamer team, but I'm surprised at Rich going to such a level. Still, he experienced similar levels of negative feedback, when the brilliant Maximum magazine didn't pander to the PS generation and talked up systems like the Saturn, at a huge cost to the readership numbers.


GamingThread Dreams (PS4) not ready for launch yet, still in development
Reason User banned (5 days): Console warring, history of similar behavior.
Right... so an official trailer with 'coming in 2018' doesn't count. As said, I love the difference


GamingThread Steam now has 90 million monthly active users (47m daily users)
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Driving thread derailment
Rather silly comback. To begin you use Steam, you must download the app and have a e-mail address. Both of which you can only get via the Internet


GamingThread VG24: Valkyria Chronicles 4’s sexual harassment problem is unacceptable in 2018 (READ OP)
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Dismissive drive-by post that downplays sexism.
Well said and its also a video game. How many people have killed a person/AI in a video game? Killing another person been a sin since the 10 commandments, but in video games its quite acceptable to this very day. People need to get a grip and remember its a video game, that's all it is.


GamingThread Big Trouble With Little Puddle: Spider-Man controversy gets 25K+ upvotes on Reddit
Reason User banned (3 days): Continued console war baiting after prior bans and warnings.
Can only imagine the different response if this was Ubisoft game. But hey its ok to downgrade a PS 4 Exclusive