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"There's a protected class of users that post a lot and will drown out all dissent. Any form of arguing with them always leads to a ban. --Skyrim, Verified GameDev"

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EtcetEraThread Does Social justice have an image problem?
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Inflammatory generalizations, peddling disinformation, and a history of concern trolling in contentious topics
In the real world? No. I don't think I've ever even heard the word "SJW" uttered by anyone outside of the internet. People doing activism or volunteer work are encouraged and accepted. In colleges and universities it's rough because people are still young and very headstrong. This inexperience shows but we will forgive it so long as things don't go to far. Some adults never grow out of that but at least they are few. On The Internet it's a completely different story. Hysteria runs rampant. Half truths. Misrepresentations. Accusations. Finding any kind of nuanced or reasonable conversation is increasingly difficult. People are determined to force their beliefs on others. You can see this plainly on Reset Era. In any given thread about Social Justice issues there are a small group of posters who will predictably show up to contribute only the same kind of one liners that are either completely dismissive, accusatory or inflammatory. You get to know the avatars and you come to understand that all they contribute is quick and sharp one or two line posts that have no substance. In my opinion these people are almost always simply arguing against nuance. Don't you dare try to understand and issue or try to weigh up different ideas. They'll be on you... "so you're saying..." Even just doing things like making a clumsy comparison can result in a ban. Or maybe making a not quite right analogy? Reported then maybe banned. There's basically a zero tolerance approach to any kind of comment that isn't 100% "correct" first time. If you wrote 10 paragraphs and even one sentence is a bit "off" then that's what will be pounced on and not just to say "I think you are a bit wrong there buddy" but to completely go all in and try to discredit the poster. Most people here are left leaning AND supportive of social justice causes and still for some it's just not good enough so you see a lot of in-fighting. In real life there has to be some give and take to actually get anywhere with anything political. If you want to gain allies etc you have to be approachable and likable and respectful. You can't flip out just because people don't 100% agree with you all of the time. Nobody wants to be around that. I had a more social justice minded friend on Twitter last year who was having an absolute meltdown because Laci Green was dating Chris Ray Gun. I never knew who these people were at the time but it turns out they are just (relatively young, I think) Youtubers. Who the hell is freaking out over 2 Youtubers, miles away in the USA, bumping uglies? Who the hell cares? You mix crazy tantrums like that in with the "SJW" stuff and it does all add up to an image problem. Whenever I see someone mentioning Nazis in threads on this site I just roll my eyes and I know for a fact I'm not the only one. Problem is you just don't know who you are dealing with online. In a thread about obesity a poster became really REALLY riled up about fat-shaming and was being rude and unreasonable with people explaining the health risks. Turns out the poster was 9 years old. I had to laugh. You've got grown adults arguing with 9 year olds over obesity. Again, in the real world am I really going to get into the "both sides" argument with a woke 10 year old? Probably not. A whiny brat with a bad attitude isn't going to turn me into an ally any time soon. Despite all of that I'd MUCH rather be publicly associated with say a Laurie Penny or an Anita Sarkeesian than to be associated with a Milo Yiannopolous or a Richard Spencer, so there IS that! I think they are all idiots but if we are talking about DANGEROUS idiots then I think the Right is a far more pressing concern.


EtcetEraThread Kelly Marie Tran has deleted her Instagram posts due harassment she has received after The Last Jedi
Reason User banned (3 days): inflammatory comparisons. Star Wars fans are not like protected identities or oppressed minorities.
You are 100% correct but you are also fighting a losing battle there. Look, if you saw someone who is the same race or nationality as me committed a terrible crime and you came to me saying something like "I see one of yours is in trouble again" I'd be so angry. I'd be annoyed that you want to use my nationality or race against me and I'd be mad that you want to shame me for something that someone else has done. Problem is that SO MANY people want to do stuff like that. A ridiculous number of people just can't keep themselves away from that kind of thing. In 2018 we've got to a stage where public expressions of racism are frowned upon but it doesn't matter because so many people still hold those views. They just don't express them. So they look for other ways to do things. Are you a Star Wars fan? I am. "Oh, I see one of yours was harassing women on the Internet". As if it's MY problem. As if I'm somehow responsible. As if I have some connection to the people doing this sh!t other than "we kind of like the same things, maybe". You can probably see it with football fans in the UK. If there's a 10 person fight at a Liverpool match with 50k+ plus people in attendance you'll get Manchester United fans saying "see Liverpool supporters are violent scumbags who can't behave at a football match". It's not racism or anything serious like that but it has similar roots. There's "Us" and there's "Them" and we're more than happy to find the absolute worst of "Them" with the goal of using it as a stick to beat the normal ones. There's a certain type of person who is ALWAYS looking for someone to bully but their bullying takes the form of trying to associate decent people with terrible people based on some arbitrary commonality. I would say that NOBODY on Reset Era is even remotely in favor or in support of what these trolls have done but you STILL have people in these threads implying that Reset Era is full of people who are just A-OK with this kind of racism and harassment. The people doing this “Star Wars fans are the worst” thing would have been your everyday racists back in the day. They've just found a way to engage in the same behavior but the stakes are much, much, lower so it's kind of seen as acceptable. Luckily for everyone it's not a big deal as who REALLY gives a crap about Star Wars fandom anyway. So even when we have an example of legitimate racism focusing itself on this young lady there are people who just use that as an excuse to target "Star Wars Fans". You think the;s people give a crap about Kelly Marie Tran? They don't. They are just f*cking delighted to have a stick to beat "fandom" with. Post # 4 was "Embarrassing and disgusting. Fans are always the worst part of anything". Post # 5 was "The Star Wars fandom really is the worst in existence." These folks don't care about the issue. They just can't wait to bash someone who doesn't deserve it. Sure, you can point out that these trolls are total pricks and awful human beings and you can feel legitimate bad about what they have put her through. For me the two most obvious reactions here are to condemn the trolls and to feel sympathy for the victim and to feel outrage about what they've done. Within 30 minutes or so of the OP going up we have jumped on to "Star Wars Fans are the worst" though so you have to wonder what some people are thinking. If folks are not going to condemn the specific people doing this and they're not going to express sympathy for the victim but they ARE going to try and associate regular folks with a problem they neither created nor supported then what the hell is going on there?