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GamingThread Shenmue III Backer Trial Version Scheduled for Second Half of September + Other Details [READ STAFF POST]
Reason User banned (3 days): Ignoring the staff post and continuing to derail with metacommentary.
[Yes, I read the staff post. I don't believe the following contravenes any of the guidelines laid out. I have zero problem with refunds and think it is right that they are being offered. But it's a battle already won, yet every thread about this game just descends into the same old shit.] I would recommend reading my post again. I thought I made my point clear, but for absolute clarity: It is not about asking for refunds, as Ys Net have already detailed a response policy around alternative arrangements and refunds if none are satisfactory, and have politely asked for time to get things in place as they and their partners have other priorities also. Refunds are coming and systems are actively being put in place with Fangamer, we know Epic are paying for them so Ys Net themselves aren't damaged by it, and we know approximately what the response policy and alternative arrangements are. It's absolutely not blind faith with this much information provided and liability explained. What is maddening is the never satisfied, haranguing, even bullying behaviour I see in threads, comment sections, etc, screaming about refunds no matter the issue. For all the drum beating about backer's rights, these people really would prefer if everything else about the game and rewards fulfillment was thrown on the fire (at the detriment of other backers), just to get their money back a little bit quicker. It is the absolute height of entitlement given Ys Net, Epic, and Deep Silver are rightly going to offer refunds on the PC version if backers don't wish to take the alternatives provided, and have sketched out exactly how they are going to do so. Again, refunds are not the problem, refunds have already been "won" and are assured. It is the constant derailing, asinine screeching about REFUNDS WHEN that is really dragging Shenmue III threads into the absolute shit. It is near impossible to have an actual conversation about the game here, not that it was particularly easy before.