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EtcetEraThread Fascism, alt-right/nazis & the importance of de-platforming |OT|
Reason User banned (1 week) trolling and making disingenuous arguments despite past warnings.
I'm serious. It's important to recognize the signs of someone becoming radicalized. You realize that there's literal nazis out there, right? This is long past being a joke and I'm right in the center of it all (I can drive to Charlottesville for lunch) so I hear about these things all of the time. The straight white male obsessed with bitcoin who scoffs at mass media and becomes obsessed with reading the Great White Male authors has become a major trope and it's becoming so frequent that I hear stories about them in coffee shops all over the place. This is the start of a major movement and it's important to recognize the signs so that people know when they need to help intervene on these people and spread positive messages. They're reading:If you see anyone reading these books in a coffee shop, I dare you to ask them the questions you could use to spot a typical white supremacist. Ask them their favorite classical music artist and ask them their racial heritage. They'll have long answers prepared for both and will answer delightfully. Now imagine for a moment, that if you could just look down on this poor, obviously angry soul (probably reading Infinite Jest or Evola), and you reach out to him and you say, "Listen, I know it's hard. Life's hard. I know it's hard to lose your privilege, but it's time to finally think about PoC, LGBT+, and women and the persecution they face, too. It's not all about you." You could really reach out to these vulnerable kids with a message of love and unity and prevent them from becoming absorbed in hate. Offer to take them around an urban neighborhood and do some good, donate some time or something. Having one less nazi in the world is hardly something to take lightly.