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Sheepinator's Actioned Posts



GamingThread What cut do Valve actually take from devs? Is it really as high as some people think? Lets find out.
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Antagonizing other members over a series of posts, dismissive behavior, and previous related infractions
That's it folks. It's been four months already. The experiment is over. Close it all down, boys. Nothing will ever change in the future, shut it down.


GamingThread Jade Raymond joins Google as VP
Reason User banned (1 week): sexism
I don't get the hype with Jade Raymond. Aside from being one of many managers on AC for a few years, the rest of her resume seems to be about job hopping upwards. She's good with politics and self-promotion, but where are the games? If this person was a guy, would anyone be talking about him?


GamingThread gamer outrage culture
Reason User Warned: Ignoring a modpost
So you're saying that overnight, someones game that they are enjoying transformed from being a complete game to an incomplete game, meaning they can no longer enjoy it and it becomes a "trial game" (your words), even if they are completely unaware of the existence of new dlc. Somehow, that makes sense to you, and is the foundation of your, "I'm right and everyone else is wrong." leap of logic. It's like that Schrodinger experiment, the game is simultaneously complete and incomplete depending on the position of the owner.OK, but this guy here said dlc should be free. It's, oh look, that's you, you said that. That means Bloodborne's Old Hunters should have been free, right? Again, how is that entitlement?


GamingThread Jimquisition: The GAAAmbling Problem (Ubisoft/Lootboxes/MTX)
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Arguing in bad faith and continually misrepresenting the arguments of others over a series of posts
Nobody is defending Blizzard. It's just you wanting stuff for free, and you not liking that everyone isn't automatically agreeing with you.


GamingThread Back To The Crunch (The Jimquisition)
Reason User Banned (1 Day): ignored earlier warning about thread whining
There are 41,000 members. I think it's inefficient to expect them all to watch a 15 minute video when a summary could be provided.


GamingThread 16-year old Joseph Saelee defeats 7 time Classic Tetris World Champ Jonas Neubaurer [video]
Reason User Warned: Thread Derailment
The OP literally said, "every esport player should aspire to". I had no idea people here were so sensitive about this. I haven't mentioned it since.