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GamingThread [Zelda Dungeon] Diversity in Zelda: The Need for a Black Princess Zelda
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Dismissing Concerns of Black Representation
Yeah, no. We don't need to make Established Characters different races to make them more relatable to one specific race. Zelda's a Hylian in every single incarnation, and considering the namesake of the race is her as a Goddess, I don't think she's going to suddenly NOT be a Hylian in order to check off a box on racial diversity. However, I AM all for more black characters that are important. Yeah, you can argue every Zelda is a different person and the soul -could- inhibit a different body.... But the closest we ever got was Tetra and as soon as she became princess Zelda, everything that made her unique changed until she was no longer acting as princess of Hyrule.