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"We do not allow our members to make claims or arguments not based on reality"

Rockets's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread Biden rejects Schumer/Warren proposal to cancel $50K student loan debt
Reason User banned (5 days): Misleading thread creation, antagonizing members
Pretty bizarre for him outwardly reject it without even trying to implement it. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was just advocating for it a couple weeks ago:


EtcetEraThread Lil Uzi Vert has gotten a $24m pink diamond implanted in his forehead
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Inflammatory Drive-by
Good for him! To all the commenters that aren’t black: keep your racist ass thoughts to yourselves. He can do whatever he wants with that money.


EtcetEraThread Senate has voted to confirm Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court justice
Reason User threadbanned, pending further review: ignoring staff guidelines
Several? She didn’t go until the final weeks and not nearly enough as she should’ve. Plus she didn’t go to Wisconsin at all.Sorry but I’d rather blame her for running a terrible campaign than blame the people who didn’t vote for her like some of the people in this thread are doing.