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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

Reinhardt Schneider's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Epic’s Statement on Misinformation & Abuse [See Staff Post]
Reason User banned (2 months): ignoring the modpost, trolling in a sensitive thread
Yeah, and my posts had the intention of being an example of the toxicity of the threads. My opinion of the EGS here in this thread is, and should be, irrelevant.


GamingThread We need to talk about how toxic discussing the Epic Games Store is when it comes to accusations and insults (Read OP and Threadmarks Before Posting)
Reason User warned: Trolling, antagonizing members.
Well, at the very least I don't belong to a group that insults and launches death threats to developers. Also I still have to hear a convincing argument WHY this is a thing. Tim Sweeny dickery aside, what I see is just another launcher without the need of purchasing new hw and a fuckton of people angry for... No reason The moment someone told me that the EGS is worse than GFWL is when my point of view became what it is. Want me to have another opinion? Convince me that there is a reason for all this fuckery, attacks to developers included.


GamingThread Smash Community bullies 15-year old girl because she played the game well (update: the girl and other players were found making racist statements)
Reason User banned (1 week): dismissing concerns around racism
I'm not saying it's cool and I'm not saying being racist comes in the pack of being a teen along with the acne and being a hormonal bomb. What I'm saying is that everyone says stupid shit in their teen years, racist or not. Those are 2018 posts and we're past half 2019 ffs, it would be very different if she kept up that attitude today.