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"We're getting heavily played."

Prodigal Son's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread Democratic Presidential Primary |February OT| It Can't be Worse than Iowa, Right? (Discussion Guidelines in OP)
Reason User banned (1 week): Ignoring the staff post in regards to sniping.
it was a mistake. btw how are you holding up with the Bernard surge? who are you rooting for now


EtcetEraThread Bernie Sanders: Barack Obama won 10% of the white vote in Mississippi. That speaks to very bad work done by Democrats there
Reason User Banned (duration pending): trolling, history of similar
actually they're wrong about Mississippi and im right. 'data' is when i pull from the totality of my anecdotal experiences to make ridiculous claims and other people just have to listen to it. if you disagree with me its because you 'have your fingers in your ears' or some shit idk


EtcetEra HangoutsThread US PoliEra 2019 |OT8| The sexual deviancy of Elizabeth Warren
Reason User Banned (3 days): trolling
youre braver than me g. i just come here to do oppo research


EtcetEraThread 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary | OT2 | New thread, same old candidates
Reason User warned: antagonizing other members
I wanna be you for a moment just to see what it feels like, holy shit