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EtcetEraThread Man who taught dog Nazi salute found guilty of hate crime
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Troll account in junior phase.
TIL I'm advocating for Nazis because I think making a joke does not equate to literal murder. Good to know. It utterly disgusts me how you and the others can think this is such a big deal that you're willing to accept this verdict. People are actually happy, disgusting. I want them to GO AFTER. Not some idiot who makes jokes. Jesus christ. Especially in the UK where Muslim gangs are raping people left right and center and the police aren't doing anything about it because they're worried about backlash from the community. But no, by all means, I'm a nazi lover because I want them to actually fix problems that aren't a stupid youtube video. To the people who are comparing him to nazis and hitler, you are what's wrong with the world. If you think a joke constitutes Nazism then I don't know how to help you, you are too far gone. If someone is calling on others to do foul things, then CLEARLY that's wrong, but he's VERY OBVIOUSLY NOT DOING THIS. He's talking to a bloody dog and even prefaces the video by calling it a joke that his friends were meant to see, as a practical joke on his girlfriend. This is quite literally thought policing. And also, he's not a white supremacist, you guys just LOVE throwing that term around. "I don't agree with this guy therefore he is racist, a white supremacist and an alt right". Gets real old, real fast. Real Nazism isn't a joke, but I've yet to see an example of him doing it for real.