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EtcetEraThread Just finished both Berserk 1997 and the movie trilogy... Is 2016 really that bad?
Red Text Before posting, please read the OP in full. The animation quality is not all that is being discussed here. The OP is also asking about how other adaptations handle one of the most visceral and disturbing examples of sexual assault in manga/anime. Please think about what message you are sending when you are another voice choosing to ignore such issues.


EtcetEraThread Senate has voted to confirm Amy Coney Barrett as a Supreme Court justice
Red Text It’s natural and understandable that posters will want to vent at this news. However, the news itself is stressful enough without having members exposed to pages full of doomposting and depressing material. We will be threadbanning anybody we feel is taking things so far that it might harm your fellow posters.


EtcetEraThread TikTok and WeChat to be banned from US AppStores starting on Sunday
Red Text Whatever your feelings on WeChat, TikTok, or the Chinese government, please keep in mind that coming from the Trump administration this move is part of a well-established pattern of overt sinophobia. Even if you support this specific action, the context and motivations which are upsetting and alienating to many Chinese members should not be ignored or dismissed. Be respectful to your fellow members.


EtcetEraThread How to Vote: United States General Election 2020 || Early Voting Has Begun in North Carolina
Red Text This thread can be used by members to share information and tips about how, where, and when to vote safely in each state. Please remain focused on the act of voting. It is NOT a General Election OT.
The will be held on November 3rd and it's shaping up to be an election unlike any other. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we've received a number of requests from members for information about how to vote safely while ensuring that your votes are counted. As a service to our American members, we have collected all of the relevant information you might need in this thread. Your one stop shop for the essentials is . Make sure you are registered to vote, and if you intend to vote on Election Day, find your polling place ahead of time.Note that you won't just be voting for President, and there will be any number of candidates and issues that deserve your attention up and down the ballot. You can make sure that you are prepared by checking out your at Ballotpedia. This will let you know exactly what to expect when you enter the booth on Election Day. The tool from Vote Smart also offers detailed descriptions of the ballot measures up for vote in every state, including complete text, sponsors, and election results. For those who do not wish to risk standing in line on Election Day, there are alternative options available to you. Below you will find details and resources relevant to each of them. Mailing in an absentee ballot may be an attractive option for many, and as long as you act quickly, it should be safe and effective. Due to concerns about the speed of USPS mail following recent budget cuts and management issues, it is strongly recommended that voters who choose this option as soon as possible and make sure that they are mailed in long before Election Day. If your ballot is not received by the state before Election Day, it might not be counted. Don't wait. Forty states and the District of Columbia have some form of early voting in place, allowing voters to cast their ballot in person while avoiding crowds. Some states have even extended early voting due to the pandemic. The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) website has detailed information on , and also provides . This can be a great option for those who want to avoid the November 3rd crowds. If you do not want to risk mailing in your absentee ballot, almost all states allow voters to deliver ballots in person at their local election office. To find a list of , you can search your state Board of Elections website or Secretary of State website. If you do not live close enough to return your ballot to an election office, you may be able to return it to an alternative location. According to the NCSL, eleven states and Washington D.C. allow voters to drop off ballots at any in-person voting locations in the county, including Some states allow a family member or someone else to collect and deliver absentee ballots on your behalf. The NCSL website has details on the rules governing . Drop boxes are special containers for voters to drop off absentee ballots in sealed envelopes. These have become more commonplace in the last decade, and are an efficient and secure way to return your ballot while entirely skipping the mail process. Those monitored by surveillance cameras are often available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, while others that are monitored by election workers have specified hours of operation. The number of drop boxes varies widely by state. The NCSL website has details on . Eleven states have ballot drop boxes set up in some or all counties: .


EtcetEraThread Beirut rocked by massive explosion (See threadmarks to help)
Red Text This is a tragedy. Voyeurism cannot be allowed to take priority over regard for human life. Show caution and empathy regarding potential casualties when commenting on the visuals in these videos.


EtcetEraThread DNC platform committee once again overwhelmingly embraces Israel in recent vote despite ethnic cleansing
Red Text This thread is not about terminology, your fellow users, or anything but the news covered in the OP. What Israel is doing is unconscionable no matter what you call it, and the DNC's decisions on the subject are worthy of criticism even if they are in line with mainstream US politics.


GamingThread Ghost Of Tsushima Is Being Praised By Japanese Critics
Red Text Just because some Japanese critics have praised Ghost of Tsushima does not mean that they represent the final word on criticisms with the game's portrayal of Japanese history and culture. No country or culture is a monolith. Many members, including Asian members, have brought up valid concerns about the game, so do not tone police or dismiss their concerns. Anyone that does so will be moderated accordingly.


EtcetEraThread Shamima Begum wins right to return to UK
Red Text There are a series of bans here that have been taking over the thread discussion and this needs to stop. It is fine to disagree with or criticize another user for their take, including mods. However, hostility and unfounded accusations are not acceptable and against the TOS. In an effort to facilitate good discussion on nuanced topics, we've been issuing more bans for hostility across the board. Bigotry always needs to be called out, and we're not going to start issuing bans for that. But as shown by reading the Guardian articles on this topic, there's enough nuance about the intersection between Shamima's status as a victim and perpetrator of abuse that we think such a discussion should be able to take place.


GamingThread Fanbyte: Portrayals of Latinx Characters in 2020 Video Games Already Have Me Tired [See Staff Post]
Red Text After reviewing feedback, we're changing our stance on this thread. If our users from South America feel that the discussion of Latinx is germane to the topic of representation in games, then please feel free to continue having that conversation.


GamingThread Actress Laura Bailey getting heinous harassment and death threats over The Last of Us 2 character
Red Text Please report posts that you find problematic and avoid derailing the thread by attacking each other. Let's dial this back a bit and keep on topic.


GamingThread Engadget - 'GTA V' brings transphobia to the next console generation
Red Text GTA's pretensions to satire have nothing to do with their treatment of trans people, which is almost uniformly awful. There are plenty of examples in the thread that thoroughly demonstrate that. No, pointing it out is not suppressing speech or demonstrating fragility, it's calling out a piece of media for shitting on an extremely marginalized group of people for the sake of a "joke." Failure to respect that fact will result in a hefty ban.


EtcetEraThread I Have to be Honest. Seeing How Well Biden is Doing Against Trump Kinda Makes Me Happy He Got the Nom
Red Text Please keep it on topic. Other posters' bans are not what the thread is about, nor are assumptions you've made about other posters in this thread. There's plenty to discuss without derailing into metacommentary and hostility. If you don't want to engage with a post, just don't engage with it.


GamingThread Little Devil Inside has some troubling African caricatures [up: developer response, see threadmarks]
Red Text This is unquestionably a hurtful caricature rooted in centuries-old stereotypes. Downplaying or dismissing that will be moderated harshly. Thread reopened.


EtcetEraThread Minneapolis protests over murder of George Floyd. Police response more severe than when white supremacists stormed capitol. (See Threadmarks to help)
Red Text This thread is about the protests following the murder of a black man by the Minneapolis police, that same police force's crackdown on said protesters, and the systemic oppression of black people by the police as a whole. It's not about how concerned you are about "riots" or property damage. Anyone trying to derail or concern troll about property damage will be actioned accordingly.


GamingThread Twitch establishes a 'Safety Advisory Council' to help it sort out its rules
Red Text Thread is temporarily locked. Some of the posts in here are shockingly awful. We will be reviewing them and any reports we have for the thread. This could take some time.


EtcetEraThread There's a racist website dedicated to tracking White women who date/fuck Black men
Red Text We don't think that signal boosting a doxxing site does much good besides draw more eyes (and users) to them - there seems to be limited legal options for removing them. Thread locked, and all references to it have been removed.


EtcetEraThread Warren calls Biden's denial of sexual assault claim 'credible' and 'convincing,' says she proudly supports him
Red Text Reminder that this is a thread about sexual assault allegations, not the primary as a whole or the 2016 election. This isn't a place to discuss why a particular candidate did or did not do well in the primary, but to discuss the allegations and any potential ramifications they might have. Please do not derail the thread with general discussion, meta-commentary, or trolling, and avoid personal attacks towards other members.


EtcetEraThread Democratic Presidential Primaries & Caucuses |April OT| Lemon, it's April (Discussion Guidelines in OP)
Red Text Discussion guidelines are the same as the last thread, with one addendum bolded below.
All ballots due by the 10th, with results expected by April 11th. Results expected by... seriously, May 22nd? What is this, California? It's... not really a caucus anymore, huh? Well, c'est la vie. You need to have made a ballot request by the 31st of March, so I hope everyone in WY did. For everyone else, results are expected by the 17th. This is a Big Deal Election, with the fate of the State Supreme Court in the balance, but it's worth repeating: practice social distancing. If you can vote by mail, do so. Already got pushed back once, and it'll probably get moved again, assuming it hasn't already and I just missed it. Soooooo in a move that was technically illegal, but still probably a good idea, DeWine basically pressued the courts into letting him cancel in-person voting and move the date. We should have results... at some point. That said, there's reports of ballots not getting mailed out to all registered voters, so check your registration and see if you can get your hands on one. And... that's it. Unsurprisingly, quite a bit got canceled this month, on account of quarantine (WASH YOUR HANDS).


EtcetEraThread On Voting or Not Voting for Biden in Light of the Sexual Assault Allegations |OT| Discussion Guidelines in OP
Red Text Remember that general hostility rules still apply. For example, do not accuse members, even without naming them, of "supporting a rapist" or discrediting the victim if they choose to vote for Biden. Likewise, do not accuse members of not caring about marginalized people if they choose to not vote. Avoid metacommentary.
Hey all, This is not me being the OP. This is just a single, centralized place to discuss what's become a fairly hot-button topic here so we don't get a slew of threads, counter-threads, etc. etc. In short, the positions we've seen outlined are : Voting is important, all the way up and all the way down the ticket, for reasons of power and politics. The Republicans represent an existential threat to the wellbeing of millions of vulnerable Americans in a way the Democrats simply do not, even a Democrat like Joe Biden. Biden still has a very long way down to go until he's half so bad as Trump. Ergo, it's your responsibility to vote for him, even if you find him incredibly objectionable (which some people disagree with in the first place), simply because the other guy is that much worse. Not doing so, in this model, is an expression of privilege, as a typically blue voter sitting out is, in our 2 party, system, effectively the same as a nonvoter switching sides. A vote is a personal expression of conscience and morality based on an evaluation of each candidate individually. Joe Biden is being accused of sexual assault. He voted for the Iraq War, and he voted against bussing, and he voted for the crime bill, and many other things beside. His platform is insufficient to face the coming climate and economic crises of the coming decades. Trump being terrible is irrelevant, because Biden has made himself ineligible by default. Ergo, demanding that people vote for him is a blind expression of partisanship at best and a cruel act of violence at worst, as you force people hurt by Biden and people like Biden to lend their support. This last part can be especially important. There's a great deal of trauma wrapped up in that. Don't vote for Biden, but vote downballot. In this argument, voting is a political position, but it allows more for the understanding of a vote as a personal expression as well. By splitting this difference, it comes to a course of action: namely, Trump is unacceptable, but so is Biden, ergo, just vote for the downballot candidates in an effort to staunch the bleeding should Trump win a second term. There are most likely more positions than this. If you feel like I've misconstrued one of the arguments, by all means, correct me; I'm doing my best to give a fair assessment to each. Discussion guidelines are as follows:


EtcetEraThread Democratic Presidential Primaries & Caucuses |March OT| Super Tuesday Turbo XD Championship Edition & Knuckles (Discussion Guidelines in OP)
Red Text This has mostly died down now, but to be clear:


EtcetEraThread The mislabeling of left wing sources as "alt-right" is a problem (The problem with joe biden documentary)
Red Text Well, this was our bad. While we try to be thorough, our research was not sufficient enough in this instance. The thread will remain locked, as discussion of it really belongs in the Primary OT, but still - it shouldn't have been labeled as alt-right. That's our mistake, and we'll make sure it doesn't happen again in the future.


EtcetEraThread Casting Director Says Adèle Haenel Has A “Well-Deserved Dead Career” After Awards Protest Of Roman Polanski [See Staff Post]
Red Text The subject of this thread is about the disgusting ways in which a casting director aired his sexist feelings about Adèle Haenel, attempting to destroy her career over the way she handled the César ceremony. This is absolutely NOT the place to ponder whether or not Polanski has any shred of talent, and further posts that continue to veer into that territory will be actioned accordingly.


EtcetEraThread Daughter of Steven Spielberg, 23-year-old Mikaela booked on domestic violence, a week after coming out as adult entertainer
Red Text There are a number of posts that are very disappointing. We'd like to remind everyone that demeaning or disparaging sex workers is against the forum's policies. As stated in the FAQ:


EtcetEraThread Democratic Presidential Primaries & Caucuses |March OT| Super Tuesday Turbo XD Championship Edition & Knuckles (Discussion Guidelines in OP)
Red Text Discussion guidelines are largely the same as the last thread, though we're clarifying a few things.
Alright, folks. Now we're playing for alllll the marbles. This OP will be briefer because frankly nobody read the first one anyway and I can't be assed. Alright, the big one. Super Tuesday is March 3rd this year, and you'd better believe that people are watching it closely. Even more, even states are participating in the first primary day in March, and it's a big reason why the goddamn campaign season has dragged on like it has. This year, we're getting Alabama, Arkansas, American Samoa (caucus), California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine (fuck Susan Collins), Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Vermont. That's a lot of delegates right up at the front. If you live there, remember to make sure you're registered and get out to vote! And now to do it again! The 10th has voting for Democrats Abroad, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Washington (the state, not the district). Just google the name of your primary and make sure you're registered, same as the others. Next up, we've got the US Virgin Islands (caucus) on the 12th, followed by the Guam and Northern Mariana Islands caucus on the 14th. Caucuses... ugh. Still, it's good to participate. On the 17th, we've got another bundle! This time, it's Arizona, Florida, Illinois, and Ohio. Once more, if you live in any of these states, make sure to check your voter registration! A moment of silence for those members of Era still stuck in Ohio before we proceed. My heart goes out to you, poor souls. From there on, we have Georgia on the 24th, and Puerto Rico on the 29th, and then we're done with March! By this point, most of the large, delegate-rich states will have been parceled out, but we've still got a ways to go until the convention. Plenty of time for folks to eat bans.


EtcetEraThread Democratic Presidential Primary |February OT| It Can't be Worse than Iowa, Right? (Discussion Guidelines in OP)
Red Text Update to the discussion guidelines: Based on our observations of discussion and thread health, and with further feedback from the community, we're reducing first time infractions for posts that violate rule #3, posting contextless tweets, from one week to a warning in most cases. The goal of this rule was twofold. The first, milder goal was to reduce the number of people essentially using the thread to retweet. We wanted people to engage with the things they were bringing in, in the interests of fostering better discussion.


EtcetEraThread I'm tried of rude customers (customer service stories) [See Staff Post]
Red Text As has already been explained, there is a substantive difference between the post that was banned earlier in this thread and Nepenthe's post. 'Reverse racism' rhetoric is not something that will be tolerated here. Do not derail the thread with complaints about transparency, either. This is neither the time nor the place. Posts that continue to derail the thread will be moderated.


EtcetEraThread Democratic Presidential Primary |February OT| Witty Thread Subtitle Goes Here (Discussion Guidelines in OP)
Red Text Alright was hoping this could wait until tomorrow, but: initially, we didn't believe that conspiratorial thinking needed its own standard, but it's become clear over the last couple of days (and increasingly just tonight) that that assumption as incorrect. We are adding to the staff post: any pushing of conspiracy theories related to this election or 2016 will not be tolerated.


EtcetEraThread Democratic Presidential Primary |February OT| Witty Thread Subtitle Goes Here (Discussion Guidelines in OP)
Red Text Hey guys, giving an update on moderation policy for the thread:
Not to me, honestly. If it's true, it'd make perfect sense. A huge point in Bernie's favor that weirdly people don't actually use much is that he's fantastic on veteran's issues. I feel like maybe it's because "great for vets" is all too often a dogwhistle for pro-military in the general discourse, but honestly, it's a strong argument for his electability and people who like Bernie should be proud of it.


EtcetEraThread #JusticeForJohnnyDepp trending following Amber Heard admitting to hitting and throwing pots, pans, and vases at Depp in leaked audio [See Staff Post]
Red Text This is obviously a thorny issue. Heard is clearly abusing Depp, and her allegations are as yet unproven. However, while it would seem there is not sufficient evidence to completely discount her assertion that Depp abused her, it's become clear that her abuse of him was primary in the relationship. Going forward, do not equivocate between the two. Any downplaying of Heard's abusive behavior will be moderated harshly.


EtcetEraThread Politico: 6 DNC members discuss rules change to stop Sanders at convention(DNC leadership refused)
Red Text Locking because a) this is kinda just nonsense and b) the extent to which it isn't can be discussed in the Primary OT


EtcetEraThread The Flu is Much Deadlier Than The Chinese Coronavirus
Red Text There's a way to address the fact that there are existing diseases that factually dwarf the Coronavirus, but as the thread framed the discussion as a whataboutism, we do not believe this thread will produce good discussion, and as such are locking it.


EtcetEraThread Democratic Presidential Primary |February OT| Witty Thread Subtitle Goes Here (Discussion Guidelines in OP)
Red Text Okay, now for the rules. It’s been observed that political threads on Era are, bluntly speaking, a series of trashfires, except when they get
Greetings, users and lurkers of Era, to our first official 2020 Democratic Primaries & Caucuses OT! As you may know, the long national nightmare known as the 2020 Democratic Primary is coming to a head next month as ballots are cast in primaries and sweaty partisans take to caucuses to scream at each other in person instead of online. In this thread, we’ll have a short summary on each contest in February, some advice for people looking to participate, and some guidelines for discussion. The first in the nation since the parties lengthened the process in 1972 (thanks, assholes), the Iowa Caucuses are held on February 3rd. Though long held as a key state, the Iowa caucuses have only predicted the nominee 43% of the time. So if your fave doesn’t make it, don’t abandon hope: they’ve still got better-than-coinflip odds. Unlike a primary, a caucus is a group process. Participants show up to a precinct in person and sort themselves into groups for each candidate on the ballot. The doors are closed to further participants, and a count is taken. If a candidate’s supporters make up less than 15% of all people present, that group is disbanded, and their supporters are either asked to join another group or leave in what’s called the realignment - this is the part that generally involves a fair bit of shouting (but it’s shouting, I’m told), as the remaining groups attempt to win over the newly-unaligned caucusgoers to their side. This process can repeat multiple times until all <15% candidates are eliminated and a final count is taken, with precinct delegates being allocated proportionally. The Iowa caucuses have been the subject of quite a bit of debate lately. There are those that say that having the first state be extremely white and rural biases the process, and that caucuses themselves are undemocratic due to the way the high time requirements and sometimes trying atmosphere make it difficult for underprivileged people to participate. Proponents say that Iowa has developed a unique culture of retail politics that makes it an excellent trial-by-fire first state. That’s unlikely to be settled on an internet forum, but by all means, have at it. Check to check in early and find your precinct. If you’re registered to vote in Iowa but not currently living there, there’s a number of satellite precincts as well! If you want to participate but you’re not sure what the requirements are, they’re fairly straightforward: you must be a resident of the precinct you’re attempting to caucus at, you must be a registered member of the Democratic party, and you must be an eligible registered voter. If neither of the latter two apply to you, no worries - show up early, and you can register both as a voter and as a Democrat right on site. Eligibility for the former can be determined by checking . Remember, this is a multi-hour process, and the doors shut at 7PM sharp, so make sure you have the time to get there early and stay. Next - New Hampshire! Like Iowa, but instead of caucuses, they have primaries, and instead of corn syrup, they’ve got . Mmm. Taking place on February 11 this year, the New Hampshire primaries first rose in importance in 1952, and successfully predicted the president (if not the party nominee) every year from then until 1988. Similar to Iowa, NH has a very “retail politics” vibe, but unlike Iowa, the candidates don’t get to hang out there for months on end, following the first contest as it does by only a week (okay, 8 days). This results in an absolutely hectic period of on-the-ground campaigning as candidates furiously shove pancakes into their mouths and sing muffled praise for the various 10,000 districts of the NH State Legislature in an effort to shore up support with key figures they previously hadn’t had the time to extensively court. NH frankly hasn’t been subject to the same level of scrutiny as Iowa, but it probably should be. Like Iowa, it’s very rural, and very white - not at all representative of the country as a whole. But like Iowa, there’s a certain amount of pride (and perhaps exasperation) in the way that every 4 years candidates for president show up in their living rooms, dining rooms, and back decks peering in the window and checking to see if they’re not home. Primaries are much simpler than Caucuses: show up, be registered, vote. New Hampshire has semi-open primaries, so undeclared voters can vote in either primary, but voters with declared party affiliation can only vote in their own. If you’re a registered republican but want in on the primary, it may be too late. Want to know where to vote? Check . Not sure if you’re registered? No worries - according to the Secretary of State’s office, you can register to vote on election day at your polling place. The requirements are outlined As an aside, NH Dem party: get your shit together - I had to go trawling the SoS office's site directly to find that. Smh. VIVA CLARK COUNTY! The Nevada caucuses take place on February 22, and represent basically the first opportunity for nonwhite people to weigh in. Nevada doesn’t have the same kind of weight that Iowa and NH does, sadly (some would say… curiously). At one point, Nevada had regular primaries, but switched over to caucuses in 2008 in an effort to boost electoral relevance - caucuses require far more on-the-ground organizing time and effort thean primaries. They also moved up to be before Super Tuesday, which has to help. This year, the party is attempting something of a hybrid system. There’s an early voting period from February 15-February 18, with the caucuses themselves taking place the following Saturday the 22nd. The votes from the early voting will be sent to the related caucus precinct and totaled with the in-person votes. Unlike Iowa, nonviable candidates’ supporters are not released and allowed to join their second choice - less than 15% and they’re just out. The doors open at 10AM PT and caucuses are called to order at noon, so make sure to get there on time if you’re going in person. Nevada’s actual delegate allocation system is a mess that I won’t get into, but if you want more details (including voter registration, precinct and early voting locations, training, volunteer opportunities, and more) check out . See, NH? Other states did it. It’s not just Iowa. Finally, our last contest of February! The South Carolina primary has been the first in the south since its inception in 1980, and in 2008 established an important marker as the first Democratic primary contest of the cycle with a majority black electorate. As such, it’s taken on an important role as a signal flag. Candidates that fail to hit 15% in SC are unlikely to do much better with black voters going forwards, and as they’re the core of the Democratic voting bloc, tend to drop out. But who even knows, this year. There’s a strong argument to be made that SC should be even more important than it is. As was mentioned above, black voters are core to the Democratic constituency, and emphasizing the importance of this contest could serve to align candidates on black issues in the same way Iowa’s first-in-the-nation status somehow convinced everyone that ethanol would solve climate change and actually corn syrup in everything is fine. As a primary, there’s not much to say on the process - show up on February 29th between 7AM and 7PM ET and vote. Voters may participate regardless of party affiliation, but if you’re thinking of trying to Operation Chaos the Republicans, don’t bother - the South Carolina primary has predicted their contest winner every presidential election since its inception (other than 2012), so naturally they canceled it this year. To check your voter registration status and find your polling place, click . Want to register to vote? Click for instructions on how. To avoid adding any extraneous editorializing on what's likely to be the hot-button section of the OP, I'm just going to link people to the latest . As of today, 1/27/2020, Joe Biden remains the favorite, with Sanders close behind, followed more distantly be Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg


EtcetEraThread Bernie really out here cutting ads with Joe Rogan's endorsement (SEE STAFF POST)
Red Text We believe the point where this thread was generating good discussion has long passed. We are still reviewing a number of reports, but the thread will remain locked.


EtcetEraThread AOC: "The Democratic Party is not a left party. The Democratic Party is a center, or a center-conservative party"
Red Text Locking the thread while we review reports and consider next steps. This discussion has become a mess.


EtcetEraThread AOC: "The Democratic Party is not a left party. They're a center, or center-right party." [READ OP]
Red Text All right, let's try this again. This is a topic that merits attention, but it needs to happen without snide or hostile remarks, pre-emptive or otherwise, and without glib polls with troll options. We are rebooting this with a new, proper poll, and we lifted some of the previous bans to give this a second chance. These were the result of us moving hastily to try and stay on top of things, and we apologize to anybody who feels unfairly treated. That said, any sort of deliberate provocation going forward will be met with harsher bans.


EtcetEraThread Warren campaign might not be source of CNN story about Bernie Sanders saying a woman can't win [SEE STAFF POST]
Red Text Okay, let's try this again. We've had to lock a few threads on this issue because of the way they have turned out, and we'd rather not have to lock this one too. Derailing threads with issues and posts from other threads is not acceptable. Neither is attacking and egregiously misrepresenting posts from said threads. Users who have engaged in such behavior, particularly after the previous staff post, have been banned.


EtcetEraThread Warren campaign might not be source of CNN story about Bernie Sanders saying a woman can't win [SEE STAFF POST]
Red Text Alright, this thread is nearly entirely off-topic at the moment. Let's get back to discussing the subject of the thread please folks. Thanks.


EtcetEraThread Boyega, Hamill, JJ and Isaac on Star Wars' Romance and a Gross Comment by Boyega (Open Spoilers)
Red Text There is a conversation to be had about the intersectionality of how black men are disproportionately targeted for comments that are otherwise perceived as innocuous, and for how women are made to feel about objectification.


EtcetEraThread After Anti-Semitic Killings, Jersey City School Official Called Jews ‘Brutes’
Red Text The shooting in Jersey City was a tragedy, and this woman's comments are obviously unacceptable. Any attempt to reframe the discussion into a dialogue on the Hasidic Community will be viewed as off topic at best, and minimizing or downplaying antisemitism at worst.


GamingThread Gears 5 - Campaign benchmark footage [See Staff Post]
Red Text The topic of discussion is the Gears 5 Campaign Benchmark. Please refrain from cross-platform comparisons and other off-topic discussion.


GamingThread Xbox Game Studios |OT5| The Cult of Phil in the Age of Booty: A Case Study
Red Text If you see a post you believe violates the TOS or otherwise negatively impacts discussion, report it and try not to engage. We take all reports of trolling or system wars seriously, and we will review them to see if they violate the TOS.