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Platy's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Dusk Golem: SFVI was delayed out of 2021 due to several bad decisions by Ono (Ex: team mechanics), was demoted & likely replaced by Midori Yuasa
Reason User Warned: Driving a Thread Derail
She is not topless because the game is rated T her nipples are covered by clothing in the final game because the game is rated t. That outfit would raise the rating of the game If you go for real world reasons of why they went with such a huge clevage and bigger breasts than i would be repeating myself, which i said much times before, with the difference is that we now have a poster boy for the objectification: Ono thinks it fits his playfullness. Which makes it even more disgusting. It is funnier to think the in game implications.


GamingThread SFV - Kage Reveal Trailer
Reason User Warned: Lazy Dev Rhetoric
ok sorry The design is INSANELY lazy So lazy that my first reaction was to post on the "Why women criticise sexualised character designs" thread =P But yeah the animations are cool And if by "adds to the lore" you mean "completely contradicts" than yeah