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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

Peek-a-boo!'s Actioned Posts



GamingThread NPD November 2018: All three consoles over 1.3m for the month
Reason User Warned: Personal attack.
Is Westcoast and MONSTER the same person? One gets banned, then the other continues posting... I’m thinking 15- million for the PlayStation 4, a shy over 22 million for the Switch, especially with Animal Crossing and a Pokémon game in mind, and 6 million for the Xbox One (3½ in North America alone).


GamingThread Microsoft needs to "invest in teams, empower them creatively, and give them time"- Phil Spencer
Reason User warned: Inflammatory snark, thread-whining.
Every time Phil Spencer says something on Twitter, it’s (apparently) news. To be fair, games wise, there’s not much else for Xbox fans to talk about at this moment in time so, any little scrape of news is news.