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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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GamingThread Consistent whitewashing of Princess Zelda is a symptom of wider racial issues at Nintendo
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Dismissing Concerns on Racism; Inflammatory Generalizations
What I usually say to such topics: The ones who try to find racism everywhere they go are most likely racist themself. Wasn't there lately the thing with american natives and mr. game and watch which caused an outcry from non native americans and was totally fine by native americans themself, then being mad about that it got removed? Pointing out racism in art is pointless, unless the goal of the art is to be racist.


GamingThread Mat Piscatella: Over the first three months in market, Marvel's Spider-Man is now the fastest selling superhero game in US history
Reason User warned: Thread derailment and console warring
I wouldn't call it a shitpost at all as I have multiple arguments that, while not likely, seem to make it a possibility.Of course, still very unlikely, but the possibility is there. But it will be hard to outsell such an amazing game like this Spiderman, especially because MUA was dead for so long and Marvel was never really big on Nintendo before. But hey, Switch seems to change anything, I believe in its magic it did for the last 2 years. But back to topic please, that is something worth discussing after Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has come out.


UNKNOWNThread Media Create Sales: Week 14, 2018 (Apr 02 - Apr 08)
Reason Member has been warned: console warring.
So, PS4 will drop to a minimum while Labo is incoming in the week after? Bad sign for Sony overall :D.