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"We're getting heavily played."

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GamingThread US Navy recruiter streaming with friends named “gamer word” “Nagasaki” and “japan1945”
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks) Downplaying Japanese Interment Camps in the US during WWII
I never said it did. Just that it's patently absurd to compare Japanese internment camps in the United States during WWII (obviously a bad thing) with Nazi murder camps where 6 million Jews were executed. But I'm bailing from this conversation too. If the people attacking veterans and shouting things like "depraved bitch!" and "FUCK YOU!" are the ones "winning the discussion," I'm happy to lose...


GamingThread Street Fighter's Queer Stereotypes Kept Me In The Closet
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Dismissive Commentary and Concern Trolling over LGBTQ+ Representation; Account in Junior Phase
Unpopular opinion: this is a bit overdramatic. The devs made a good faith effort, but this isn't Transparent, it's a karate game. God forbid STREET FIGHTER, a video game built on questionable stereotypes, fail to live up to one person's deeply personal sexual ideologies. The world largely recognizes its sins of the past and is trying to make progress. Not sure nitpicking every attempt to be inclusive is the right approach. If a single cartoonish karate game keeps someone in the closet, they could probably stand to expand and diversy what they're taking influence from. No one's ever going to be perfect, but I admire the games that try. Particularly when the alternative is to be so afraid of articles like this that you don't even make the attempt in the first place.