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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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GamingThread China's New Video Game Rules Officially Bans Pools of blood, Corpses, Mahjong, Poker and Imperial Schemes
Reason User Warned: Inflammatory Generalizations
China is a piece of shit country through and through. For this and so much more. I REALLY dislike the Chinese government.


Reason User Warned: Derogatory language.
Kadri should be suspended But ugh I’m fucking disgusted at all the other plays that went unpenalized Honestly if Toronto loses this series then Shanahan and Dubas should get fucking fired. Fuck them completely because all of this should have been predicted by them. You know the Bruins physically outmatch the Leafs. You know the refs will put away their whistles. And you know that no one on this team other than Kadri will step up to defend anyone. And you fucking know that Kadri isn’t a fighter, is fucking retarded and is going to lose his temper and make some kind of dirty illegal check. Fuck off. Dubas and Shanahan did nothing to prepare for this. Another year. Another first round match with the Bruins and another suspension for Kadri. Of course Kadri is to blame but there are external factors here that shouldn’t be ignored. And Shanahan and Dubas’s inability to mitigate or account for those external factors is a hallmark of incompetence. Fuck then and fire their asses.