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GamingThread Vice: "Fire Emblem Doesn't Just Need Gay Characters, It Needs Queer Life"
Reason User Banned (1 week): Dismissing concerns surranding LGBT representation over a series of posts.
Do games anything? What’s up with this new trend of criticizing media for not lining up with personal desires? I’ve said it before, but it just seems so selfish to want things to cater to . Yes, Fire Emblem (and the whole industry) can have better representation—I think it’s lame that there are only 3 gay male options—but don’t slam something just because it doesn’t live up to some idealized notion of what an entertainment product should be. Support the ones that make you feel good and ignore the ones that don’t (unless they are truly heinous, like that GamerGater’s Xbox game). It basically feels like the ultimate version of identity as consumer. You people are more than what you consume! I do agree that support dialogue being the same for both genders is dumb as fuck.