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"[Mod Edit: Removed links to Twitter linked to hate and harassment]"

Mhj's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Using "boys" to speak to everyone really needs to stop, and this is why.
Reason User banned (duration pending): trolling, history of similar and severe infractions
Can we use “bags of flesh”, or is that offensive to you as well?


GamingThread PewDiePie promotes known white supremacist... again.
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Inflammatory drive-by, history of trolling
This thread will definitely be a productive use of everyone’s time.


GamingThread Dunkey used the six-letter "f-word" in stream one year ago and no one called him out?
Reason User banned (1 week): trolling a sensitive topic + accumulated infractions
Thread title triggered me with suggestive banned words. Thought this was a safe place?


GamingThread I need to talk about the UNBELIEVABLY STUPID account system on the Switch
Reason User warned: making light of mental health issues
I could write something about there being more important personal problems that one should be doing something about instead of complaining about a game console, but I suppose that's what "triggering" means if I'm understanding millennials correctly.


GamingThread Amazon is selling pirated digital copies of games
Reason User warned: encouraging piracy.
Ultimately GoG is to blame due to their lack of DRM. Without DRM, they are literally allowing unlimited resales. Who wants to start with me?


GamingThread It's 2018 and there is still no AAA modern-setting open world game with only a female protagonist
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Trolling, antagonizing other users.
This thread is proof that all people here literally hate women.