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GamingThread Diversity done right: Latest Nintendo ad features a gay asian couple
Reason User Banned (Permanent) Homophobia over multiple posts, history of infractions
+1 For including a gay couple -1 Theyre male asians. And so the emasculation of the asian man in western media continues.


GamingThread NX GAMER: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart | Tech Analysis and Comparison | PS5 Preview
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending) - Accumulated history of Antagonistic Behaviour, Trolling, & Derailment in threads
Do you want me to highlight everything in red for you eagle eyes?


EtcetEraThread WHO official pretends not to hear, ends call, when asked about Taiwan by journalist
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Hostility
Youre creating your own conclusions, none of which are supported by this study. Find a new one. This one deals with the combined effect of transmission reduction and travel limitations and has concluded that under a moderate(.75) and strong(.50) reduction in transmission then travel limitations of 90% or more have a strong effect. They also show the effect of a 40% travel ban for comparison(notice how the number goes down when you increase the travel ban)Good advice, you arent capable of interpreting data correctly.Repeat it some more until you understand it.


GamingThread [Rumor] ‘NVIDIA Killer’ is the internal name of new AMD Readies Navi 23 High-End GPU For Radeon RX Flagship
Reason User Banned (1 day): Inappropriate comment, hostility.
This gets said in every amd thread. Probably the same person saying it. We get it, you have posters of Jensen Huang you masturbate to. No need to keep repeating it.


EtcetEraThread End of GoT left you unsatisfied? Check out the Wheel of Time, a legendary 15 book fantasy series
Reason User warned: Inappropriate joke
I need something thats is a little dark and rapey, lets say HBO-ey. Edit: lol at the infraction for repeating the ops description of GoT.


EtcetEraThread Teenage girl kills herself 'after Instagram poll' in Malaysia
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Inappropriate false equivalency
The people saying that the people should be tried for voting in a poll sound alot like the people who say that the bullies who bullied school shooters are partially to blame...


GamingThread Official PlayStation Next-Gen plans (2020, Wired Exclusive Article) [ Ray Tracing, BC, SSD, & more]
Reason User Warned: System warring.
Time for a little system wars.. Will this kill online PC gaming? Who wants to play with slow hdd/ssd plebs slowing down match starts and matchmaking times..