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Madjaba's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Vice: "Fire Emblem Doesn't Just Need Gay Characters, It Needs Queer Life"
Reason User banned (duration pending): Threadwhining, downplaying concerns over queer issues, prior serious infraction
Are video games now supposed to portray whatever x or y wants ? What is a "queer life" ??? My brother is gender fluid, plays the game and seem to have no issues with it. He's not queer enough maybe ? Sometimes I just cant understand this world anymore...


GamingThread Twitch Punishes White Apex Legends Cosplayer Who Painted Her Face Black
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Excusing blackface and downplaying racism
As an European, I can't see what was wrong with her cosplay. She didn't mean to do it in an offensive way, as for the Griezmann controversy it's more of a tribute there's no mockery and it's a sort of tribute. Colors exist like it or not, we just don't have the kind of bad association Americans have regarding skin color. That's why there's no understanding in this thread between non Americans which are talking about the intent of such cosplay and that they are not meant to mock or caricature black people and Americans which consider those things as taboo. While I understand both point of view, some people are really being narrow-minded and going hard on people without taking into account our cultural differences. Besides, I don't think that forbidding black people cosplay (AND COSPLAY ONLY !) is a very good way to move forward on those kind of social issues even though I can clearly understand what could be found offensive but people need to have a little more faith in others.