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GamingThread [Zelda Dungeon] Diversity in Zelda: The Need for a Black Princess Zelda
Reason User banned (permanent): racism
I agree with this. The idea of the lore is that the leads of each Zelda game are reincarnations of the bearers of Power, Wisdom and Courage. Technically this could manifest into anyone, but the games have stuck to specific character traits throughout the series. Which is essentially become the identity of the franchise. Making ethnic changes for the argument of diversity in an existing series, is the wrong way to do it. Introduce those characters in the series, or create entirely an entirely new one. It’s like hiring a black person in a company to meet your diversity quota.


GamingThread Reports indicate users abusing PS5 Plus Collection are being banned (more than 50 different accounts logged into one console)
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Hostility
All these bootlickers trying to justify the gatekeeping on this PS5 ‘perk’. If Sony were that bothered, as others have said, they would have made PS5 skus of those PS4 titles. It’s their fault for leaving the door open. The problem I have is that they are PS+ games, so if a customer is paying for PS+ then there shouldn’t be an issue. The idea that it’s an incentive for buying a PS5 is lame. It’s like paying for Prime but only being able to watch certain films if you buy Amazons dongle to use the service.


GamingThread Metro Exodus for PC a timed exclusive for the Epic store (Steam preorders honoured, physical copy with Epic key). Thread update: see Threadmark
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Drive-By and Ignoring Mod Post
Makes me laugh that people are so passionate about this. Talking about moneyhatting like it’s not a thing that all service providers do. ‘No Steam, no buy’. Boo hoo, get over yourself.