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AnnouncementsThread ResetEra Tech Thread - 5/24/19 Site Update (Report Bugs Here)
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Escalating hostility and concern trolling over a series of posts
Cerium should be brought out of his cave and forced to share the financials of the site. The fact that he apparently never shared them with the community or even the mod team in the first place is extremely suspect. I have a hard time seeing how the site could be bleeding money given the high traffic and Era Clear sub, but even assuming it does, we should know about it. And if it's making a profit, we should know where the money goes, and the mod/admin team should be compensated. Echoing sentiments that some people on the team need to step down based on how badly they've been handling things. And yes, let's not be coy about this: I mean B-Dubs. I'm sure some people have other team members in mind, but as far as no-brainers are concerned, B-Dubs, at least, has to go. His replies in the thread have all been terrible, petty and antagonizing, and look at the result. Also, unban BDS, as a show of good faith. At the very least, make her ban temporary with a clear duration (not a "pending" that might just quietly turn into a perm; "pending durations" are just dumb and often feel like a way to quietly sweep permabans under the rug btw). Regardless of what you thought of her post or her post history, this thread and this discussion aren't exactly the best places to ban people for being angry at the mod team. "Not a good look", as the kids say. I'd honestly say the same of Frump's ban, and would definitely appreciate it if he was unbanned too, but at least his is just a 2-week ban. [EDIT] Just to be clear: the whole reason why I'm prefacing my call for B-Dubs to go with "let's not be coy about this" is precisely because, as others have rightly pointed out, there are definitely things we, as regular posters, feel we're not allowed to say about the mod/admin team or their decisions without fear of retaliation. So others in the thread have been more vague by not giving any specific names so that they can avoid the ban they feel they might otherwise get, but it's clear we all at least mean B-Dubs here, and I'm tired of beating around the bush. We shouldn't feel like mods and admins are our managers and we're just employees who better behave or else. If that gets me banned, so be it, but I'm not retracting that part, and again, that definitely won't be a good look for you.


EtcetEra HangoutsThread Socialism |OT| The Dawn of a Red Era
Reason User Warned: Hostility against a community
Yeah, it's only gotten worse over the past couple days now that Bernie's candidacy is in jeopardy. The basic libs, who are just interested in gotchas and telling you why change can't happen, are coming out of the woodwork. And I'm just talking about the Primary thread here. I hear PoliERA is an absolute cesspool, but I never go there for my own mental sake. We were just talking about this over on FranceERA, but it's shocking how many US citizens on ERA aren't willing to even engage in legitimate discussions about how broken and undemocratic their electoral system is. They can't even address the concept of the Democratic party trying to artificially manufacturing consent around a candidate and against another without framing it as "Bernie Bros being sore losers who hate democracy". They're brainwashed children who don't want to think about the broader picture OR the actual specific, dramatic issues their fellow citizens (and immigrant people) are confronted with on a daily basis. Expect things to become worse as/if Bernie loses more in the coming weeks. They'll just go "lol so much for the progressive coalition ! What a crazy old loser" when they should be sad and angry about it. But hey, as long as they're not part of the dirty poors who'll actually die from lack of healthcare, it's all fair game, right ? We're a friendly bunch though <3


EtcetEraThread Democratic Presidential Primary |February OT| It Can't be Worse than Iowa, Right? (Discussion Guidelines in OP)
Reason User Banned (5 days): Inflammatory rhetoric
Dude, you're literally lying. IOWA ENTRANCE POLLS (no exit polls available) NEW HAMPSHIRE EXIT POLLS RECENT NATIONAL POLL Outside of older black voters who like Biden a bit better, Bernie does better (and, in some cases, better) than every other candidate among every minority group. I don't have the LGBTQIA+ polls on hand but IIRC I'm pretty sure they show a similar picture, if not even more obvious. What are you talking about. If people attack you for playing the minority card, it's because it's not an automatic substitute for a good point or true facts. Just because don't like him doesn't mean the minority electorate at large holds the same opinion.