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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

Katonix's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) resources and discussion thread (Discussion guidelines in OP)
Reason User Warned: Ignoring Staff Post With Regards to Fearmongering
I think the safest thing to do is going to Islands with low populations like St.Lucia or Falkland Islands. Obviously not everyone has the chance to do so but if you are able to do so you should consider it. I am in fucking NYC atm which is scary. One person with the virus in metro can take the whole state down.


GamingThread In Dreams it is even possible to make amazing open world games
Reason User Banned (1 week): Platform wars, prior infractions for similar behaviour
Its sad that such a marvel belongs to old cunts like Sony people who don't understand anything except monopoly and being assholes. The only way you can exprience this is to buy an almost decade old console. Its 2020 ffs stop this bs.


EtcetEraThread Iran has breached the stockpile limit under the nuclear deal
Reason User Banned (1 week): Inflammatory accusation; trolling
Typical white supremacist in disguise lol. He tries hard tho so I can respect that.