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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

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GamingThread Ninja Theory hiring a game analytics person, sounds potentially Games as a Service-y
Reason User Warned: Derailment, Platform Warring
I just want a simple singleplayer AAA high rated game like Spiderman, God of War or Horizon. These aquisations are nice but I don't think Ninja Theory or Complulsion are big enough to make a game like one of the above PS4 game examples I have given. I'm hoping The Initiative or Playgrounds 2nd team are big studios that can deliver a high quality AAA singpleyer game. I wonder if those studios are that big. I'd take 1 Spiderman or 1 God of War over 10 Contrast, We Happy Few, Hellblade tier games.


GamingThread (PS4) Fortnite cross-play open beta now live, Sony looking into support for other games
Reason User Warned: System Wars
Xbox UK are trigger happy, some big company needs to Tweet them and Phil and say "PS4 and Switch offer online play for free on F2P, when will Xbox the ball is in your court"


EtcetEraThread Anybody else ever got hit by the “when are you getting married?” speech?
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Sexism. History of severe infractions.
I know this might be a controversial opinion. But I think getting married before you hit 32 is advantageous. I've noticed all the decent looking women are taken up before they hit 30. So when your looking to pair up with a woman and you old and you can only attract other older women there are alot of leftovers. Also having kids early on is also advantageous if you are financially capable of course. Just don't like the idea of being a old man while my kids are still young. But if course this is just a opinion every one has their own aims and different ways of happiness. But I know for certain I have a family member who is 38, he states he doesn't want to get married for years but then recently he wanted a partner but he is finding it more difficult finding someone as he is old. So now he pretty much stays in his room all day looking depressed. His parents just say we told you to try find someone ages ago now it's harder.


GamingThread Fortnite Crossplay XB1 - PS4 | Seems like the ball is in Sony's court ... Again - MOD EDIT: READ OP
Reason User was warned for thread whining.
I don't understand why we have another thread on this. Will we get why games are not cross play with every online game that has cross PS4-PC and Xbox-PC. Can I also vote for monthly why do we pay for online thread and I hate lootbox thread even if they are cosmetics. I suggest we should have a OT Why Sony doesnt do cross online OT Lootbox are bad OT Why are we still paying for online OT