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JealousKenny's Actioned Posts



EtcetEraThread Older women giving young men unsolicited compliments (See Staff Post)
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Excusing sexual harassment and previous infractions
How old we talking here? I've found that women in their 40s are down if you make a move.


EtcetEraThread Trump cancels Nancy Pelosi's overseas trip because he is a big baby, says if she still wants to go, she can fly commercial
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Inflammatory false equivalencies and history of trolling
QUOTE="GoldenEye 007, post: 16977378, member: 311"]Are you serious. Here’s the difference. Both moves the Dems made prevented or would prevent people dying, going bankrupt, or starving/going homeless. Both moves the GOP made or are trying to make leads to more death, pain, bankruptcies, and starving.[/QUOTE] No here is the difference, when the Republicans are refusing to vote on something you like you consider them as not doing their job but when the democrats do the exact same thing to a proposal you don't like you cheer and applaud. Thats the only thing I'm pointing out here. If you want to remove the ability for the Senate majority leader to block a vote then ask for a resolution that eliminates that while you control the senate.


EtcetEraThread Axios: Trump to terminate birthright citizenship by executive order
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Continued pattern of inflammatory drive-bys in sensitive topics
This is a policy I agree with. Birth tourism needs to end.


EtcetEraThread NYT: Trump Administration Eyes Defining Transgender Out of Existence
Reason User Banned (3 Days): History of concern trolling across sensitive topics
I'm sure these people are more than happy to be bullied into apologizing for their vote at your beck and call. Instead of bullying people because their candidate won how about you doing more to ensure your candidates win. It would be a much more constructive use of energy.