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"Why are we allowing them to walk free and safe? This is a fucking war."

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EtcetEraThread The Hill : Sanders campaign aid apologizes for insensitive comments about "dual allegience to israel"
Reason User Banned (duration pending): Dismissing anti-Semitism
This is getting infuriating. I'm gonna need everyone on Omar's side to stop tiptoeing and apologizing over every sentence. Explain what you mean in the context of the conversation. We're never going to get absolutely anywhere when just the basic language of questioning the relationship between the US and Israel is stigmatized and people keep being cowards about being criticized rather than pushing the narrative. Omar herself apologized, and that is just legitimizing the charge that she's an antisemite when she isnt. Stop apologizing and start explaining why your critical of Israel and the israeli lobby when confronted.


EtcetEraThread NY Times: For Bernie Sanders, Claims of Sexism in 2016 Campaign Hang Over 2020 Bid
Reason User banned (1 week): peddling inflammatory conspiracy theories, thread derailing
Sexual harassment is a problem anywhere, in any campaign. And if there is sexual harassment in a campaign from low tier volunteers to organizers, its up to the managers to deal with it, Sanders campaign is no exception, and so if people concerned want assurances that these types of things won't be tolerated in a campaign, interviewers should ask Sanders himself about issues of people in his campaign staff centers and what he plans to do about them. Further, any people accused of treating women with disrespect should be investigated and dealt with appropriately based on the individual case. However, this is the fourth article in less than 2 weeks from NYT trying to head off Sanders in the running with heresay about weak polling, "shedding supporters" and sexism(trying to revive the berniebro myth of his supporters, and then tying it to Sanders personal views on women i guess). while i hear almost crickets from the other candidates in regards to criticism from the media. It reeks of intentional character assassination and a concerted effort. Especially after the open sexism against women Sanders supporters from Clinton supporters like Gloria steinem and Madeline Albright was never even picked up on. I hope this post doesn't get me banned for calling out hypocrisy and what i feel is a concerted attempt by the media to slant views in a biased fashion, but it might. All i can say is that these thoughts are my own, if this is my last post here because i got a MOD or a member mad at it, i want to thank everyone who tolerated my opinionated posts and i'm glad i was able to share them with a forum i respect


EtcetEraThread POLITICO: Sen. Manchin open to endorsing Trump in 2020
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Demonstrated Inability to Stop Relitigating the Primaries in threads causing derails.
Some "democrat" right guys? I mean he has a D next to his name. Meanwhile Sanders and any other left wing independent gets frozen out of the political process because of the DNC being corrupt garbage. Democracy is dead