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"Engaging the Doxx9001 as we speak."

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GamingThread Has Hollow Knight surpassed Super Metroid/SOTN as the best Metroidvania?
Reason User Bannes (3 Days) - Unneeded Hostility
you still going at it. You seriously need help. You have this weird fixation with this game. The only one being toxic in this thread is you. You act as if your word should be gospel. Agains all the odds you want Ori to be better than hollow knight. You somehow can’t accept the fact that HK is liked more and had more impact, it connected with more people.


GamingThread Can we have a talk about video games music, youtube, and piracy?
Reason User warned: hostility
You know very well what is the op about. That corporative defense force. Making threads without informing themselves. Pretty sure he is coming from that Nintendo thread, with the fucking bullshit that Nintendo pulls and its penny pinching behavior, but hey every company needs it’s apologist.