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EtcetEraThread The Dark Truth about the 2020 Election
Reason User banned (duration pending): Using rhetoric associated with a hate movement. Prior severe ban for dismissing sexual assault.
The truth is, to many Americans, Trump is just an incumbent President that is presiding over a growing economy. That growth started under Obama, but that distinction isn't going to matter to them. Iowa turnout was up in the burbs and the city, but down everywhere else. The way things are going now, is that we'll win a big popular vote margin, but lose in the general because rural people decided to stay home or side with Trump. If nothing changes between now and then, he's gonna win again. I can't even imagine a scandal sinking him that doesn't involve child predation, because literally nothing else has worked. Either the economy goes to hell, Trump pulls a Milo and crosses the one line even conservatives have, or it's 4 more years of Trump. This was "black pill" that was tough to take, but it seems true.


GamingThread YouTuber RelaxAlax sexually assaulted ex-girlfriend, emotionally abused & manipulated her as well as others
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Dismissing sexual assault with baseless speculation.
I've got an insane theory about the sexual assault that happened. According to her, she's got zero (ZERO) recollection of any sexual contact between them that night, which even if you're drunk, you would have some. She called a sexual assault hotline and they said if she had zero memory, she must have been roofied. I think what happened was that he wanted to "punish" her for being drunk and play this weird psychological game, so he told her they had sex that night where he claims she asked for embarrassing and degrading sex acts that made him uncomfortable (all of which he asked her to do for him later on btw even though he said it made him feel bad), so he could teach her a "lesson" about her poor behaviour in his view. But my theory is that he didn't roofie her or engaged in sexual contact, he just lied to make her feel bad because that's 90% of what he did in the relationship according to her. The thing is, Alex is a fucking moron, and he didn't realize he was basically admitting to date raping her. People don't have zero conscious memory of a thing like sex happening the night before unless they were drugged, and based on the way she described the night (they were arguing until at least 4am about her drinking), it really sounds like he just entirely made up the sex just to mess with her, but it backfired because he once again failed to think of her as a person and didn't think about how she'd react to having sex she didn't remember having, which means either he's a monster that drugged her before raping her, or he's a weird little creep that makes shit up in order to punish people. I'm betting he's the latter, but Alex is too obsessed with his image to admit to any of it. He really put himself in an unbelievably shitty position because he's so much of a sadistic asshole and a dipshit, that he tried to shame his own girlfriend with a lie about the kind of sex she wanted to have with him.


EtcetEraThread Fire breaks out at Notre Dame cathedral, developing situation [Update: major structural collapse] (See Staff Post)
Reason User banned (1 day): Trolling.
This feels like a good reminder that everything burns in the end.


EtcetEraThread CBS CEO Leslie Moonves Accused of Sexual Misconduct
Red Text [mod edit: update, Farrow's article is up on The New Yorker] :
He's about to be hit with a Ronan Farrow expose publishing today. You may not know his name, but he's one of the most powerful people in Hollywood.