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GamingThread Newly released Zombie Army 4(STEAM)'s executables send analytical data to Rebellion, Denuvo and........Epic Games
Reason User Banned (Permanently): Sinophobia; Account in Junior Phase
Tencent (whom own part of Epic and a China based company) by Chinese law do have to spy on their own citizens - this is likely to be the case here and going to be in the future too.


GamingThread DF (Richard): Every single developer I have talked to about developing on PS5, has been evangelizing how easy it is to work for
Reason User Warned - Platform Warring
From what I have heard if Xbox looses traction (sales/membership) this generation then Microsoft may kill Xbox (possibly spin it off in a standalone company with no support from Microsoft). Fighting Sony is taking a monetary toll on terms of R&D, advertising and acquisitions with little results in the long term. If Xbox is harder for third parties to develop for then this will end up as a nail in the coffin.