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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

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GamingThread Okay, so....This Mortal Kombat 11 trailer music
Reason User Banned (5 Days): Inflammatory accusations, History of hostile behavior
I wanted to say this... Pretty sure Wiz was used to market MK10..... complete with the WHOS NEXT tagline It was a successful campaign, so do it again.... But nerds got a lil more racist now so complain about the rap more in 2018


GamingThread "Fortnite Dances" is Cultural Erasure. Straight Up.
Red Text Mod Edit: There is a productive discussion to be had here, but if this thread is to continue, we will need to take it seriously, not antagonize each other, or be dismissive about the topic. Post in good faith and be civil.
They don't want to pay them. They don't want to give them proper credit. So the result is things that are associated with our culture gets loaned out wholesale and entirely re-appropriated to mass audiences with no reverance for the source. I can't even watch NBA without literally every single kid doing these on camera. These kids go perform for their parents and they laugh and clap while they praise Fortnite for its creativity, totally unaware how this all stems from Black Culture at the source. Its a continuation of the same cultural erasure that has happened throughout history, esp in regards to Hip-Hop. Are white kids not allowed to do black dances?.... No, nobody is saying that. We're saying give us our damn credit. Stop whitewashing our creations and show people the source. Fortnite makes money off of this stuff. JB Blocboy even says he don't even care about the money, he just wants the credit. Its one or the other, but this is just ridiculous. I should be able to 'shoot' in public without someone saying "HAHA, Its that dance from Fortnite!" Thats really fucking annoying to hear from white people. And before you say "FoRtNiTe MaDe tHeM PoPuLaR"....... No, these dances made it to Fortnite BECAUSE they were already popular. You got it backwards. What would make this even worse is Just like the YT comment says :


EtcetEraThread Secret Final Interview, Khashoggi Says Only Bernie Sanders Was Willing To Stand Up To Saudi Arabia
Reason User warned: hostility, personal attacks
Jesus fucking christ, you're a grade A assclown. You scream about NOBODY GIVES ME NUMBERS. People reply to you with some form of strategy and policy and common sense, and your response is SHOUT OUT THE SIDELINES WHILE ADULTS DO WORK You moron, you haven't provided not one shit of data to back up your views either.... just scream and piss in the wind. A lot of people are over cats like you. Just quit it and log off.


GamingThread Catherine: Full Body Announced for the PS4 and PS Vita [Updated]
Reason This user was warned: Port-begging.
Where is PC?!!! Man we are so lucky Catherine has emulation. -edit- To clarify my position, I am staunch supporter of emulation. No forum will ever change that as I believe the potential of our technology is amazing and limitless and nobody should ever feel pressured to not use it. I own a copy of Catherine and I do not advocate emulation for anything you don't own yourself obviously. The fact that my post could even be relooked at makes this place 1000% better than GAF. However I spoke before knowing this is an enhanced port in which of course it is justified. I'm excited for the new content so I have no problems picking this up on PS4.


EtcetEraThread Normalisation of 'plus-size' risks hidden danger of obesity, study finds
Reason User banned (3 days): persistent hostility in the thread, arguing in bad faith, history of similar behaviour
Yeah, but cant seem to see how much of a jackass you potentially look like when talking shit about others for ideals you yourself cant even live up to? Yeah, we can fuck off together.


EtcetEraThread Being hit by your parents as a punishment
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Advocating Violence + Inflammatory Generalizations
My dad destroyed me with this. Fuck that wall. Basically, a lot of people have never been checked and think their shit don't stink. And if its improper for a parent to do it, best believe someone else will down the line. Its beyond the hitting imo. Grounding them, taking the phone away, and time outs didn't stop these kids from becoming shitbirds nazis... So these "good parents who don't hit kids" we're referring to still failed somewhere. Im not pressed to hit kids, its just dumb to see y'all act like those who have got spanked are mentally damaged or some shit.