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"[mod edit] this isn't the thread to share your fetishes, thank you!"

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Gaming HangoutsThread The Pinball (digital and physical) ERA |OT| Full Tilt
Reason User warned: antagonizing another member
I think you should probably make a thread with a really dramatic title that indicates your specific displeasure with the FlipGrip. It would be valuable to the community here to get your precious opinion into the hands of all the users at ResetEra. They definitely need your specific guidance on this $12 piece of plastic that does a great job of allowing you to play vertical arcade and pinball games from ages ago because you find it a little too unbalanced in your hands. The answer to you is NO, I do not sit around with every product I buy and "scrutinize" it's value or function. I purchase it, play with it, enjoy it, and read posts on messageboards from people like yourself who are entirely self-absorbed by the value of their opinion in their head that they can't see the forest for the trees. Then I go ahead and reply to them, because these replies won't write themselves. The FlipGrip is a great product. I like it. You don't. By all means though. You should start a thread. Everyone's waiting for your hot take.


GamingThread Nintendo Switch Online: New Info (Cloud Saves, 20 NES games, Family Plan)
Reason User Warned: Console War rhetoric
I also wonder every time there is this kind of reaction to a Nintendo announcement how many people who are posting so negatively are being paid to do so? Maybe that's just me, but that seems to be the world we currently live in. This is the social media of gaming right here, and if you want to be an "influencer", this is the thread to do it in.