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DJKippling's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Jim Ryan when asked about responding to gamepass “ There is actually news to come, but just not today”; Unsure if Starfield is coming to PS5
Reason User Banned (1 week): Drive-by trolling; history of platform warring
Yeah there's zero chance they'll do anything like gamepass. they've already said is unsustainable and they seem to like fleecing their customers not giving them value.


GamingThread Cranium Apparel's esports dress is unsurprisingly designed with no female input
Reason User Warned: Dismissive behaviour in a sensitive discussion
Honestly outrage culture is getting ridiculous. Its a dress, its hardly offensive. I don't see anyone else trying to give female gamers options (unless i'm wrong). This all just seems a little misguided and not thought through with the intention of trying to do something good. The tweets by the COO don't help them though.