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"We're getting heavily played."

CozMick's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Shawn Layden blames publishers and developers for lack of PlayStation crossplay (Up: Wargroove dev Chucklefish responds in thread - "We were told no")
Reason User banned (permanent): Long history of infractions for console wars
Hey Chucklefish, want your next game to be on the most popular platform on the planet? I'd tone it down a bit tbh.


GamingThread Fallout 76 - Review Thread
Reason User Banned (5 days): conspiratorial rhetoric and vilifying journalism
I applaud eurogamer for their review. Suspiciously, the other major sites are stalling. Waiting for their checks to clear? Or maybe they don't wanna be blacklisted. Something fucking stinks.


GamingThread Xbox 360 games Portal, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 and The Orange Box are now Xbox One X Enhanced
Reason User Banned (3 days): Thread whining, baiting users, history of entering xbox threads to do this
What a complete waste of resources. what the fuck? TF2 is a broken piece of shit, Portal and L4D are inferior to the second games in almost every way, why would you play them now? and Half Life 2 in "4k"? my toaster could play it in 4k..........


GamingThread (PS4) Fortnite cross-play open beta now live, Sony looking into support for other games
Reason User Warned: System Wars
So now, how does Microsoft get away with charging to play free to play titles? Balls in their court now.


GamingThread Fortnite Crossplay XB1 - PS4 | Seems like the ball is in Sony's court ... Again - MOD EDIT: READ OP
Reason User has been warned: bait post that only paints a clear picture about the poster themselves.
56 Let me suggest how things have come to this. Sony and PC crossplay is successful, Sony leads in consoles sold by a considerable amount. Microsoft wants some of those MAUs. Offers Sony a crossplay deal. Gives Sony their terms and conditions. Sony says fuck that, we have the market. Microsoft uses this to push an agenda. It still doesn't work. Xbox one's are still sitting on shelves along with the much needed and wanted backwards compatibility. Sony announces another 18 million consoles sold. Sony is anti consumer but releases more exclusive titles than the competition put together. Continues to dominate crossplay player numbers. Drake gives Sony free cross platform advertising. Microsoft continues to push Xbox anywhere. The consumer is still baffled as to what this is. Resetera goes into meltdown.