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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

Conor419's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Nintendo unable to replicate Piranha Plant save corruption issues in Smash Ultimate
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Trolling, thread derailment, and numerous accumulated infractions
Mate, it is ok to express discontent with an online service.


GamingThread "...The environment where PlayStation wins is best for this industry" - was Jack Tretton Right?
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Long and unrelenting history of console warring, trolling, and antagonistic behavior
Absolutely not; Nintendo make better games, and probably always will. Sony’s demographics are chavs, middle aged straight white men (with kids), and Gary gamers, I don’t give a shit if they get neglected; their tastes in games ruin the industry alone.


GamingThread Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze shipped 1.4m on Switch
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Trolling across several threads, thread derailment, previous infractions for similar behavior.
And there you have it, the reason Namco Bandai bottled the release of Dark Souls Switch — very impressive numbers.


GamingThread Is it worth buying a Switch purely for its true exclusives? Which ones?
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Thread Derailment + History of system warring
Oh god, one of those weirdo threads where they try and tactically disqualify Zelda — a game better than the entire PS4 library — as a Switch game because it was on the Wii U. Of course. Uh huh.


GamingThread Who won E3?
Reason User Banned - (3 Days) Console Warring with previous infractions
Nope. Halo/Gears/Forza have been such a constant over the past decade years, that it is virtually impossible for a Microsoft conference that hasn't ventured beyond these safe showings to be treated as anything more than average, when the quality of these titles has collapsed in this time period. Feel free to be impressed by flashy trailers and the charm of Phil Spencer, but, in reality, you know very well that we have no reason to believe that Halo 6 and Gears 5 will be anything remotely close to the standard of the original trilogies, and they almost certainly wont be up to the standard of Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, God of War and The Last of Us. In sum: I've got it right, the games media and Era have it wrong, and if you come at the king, you best not miss.


GamingThread Fans of old-school Zelda should check out God of War
Reason User Banned (2 Days): Inflammatory generalizations with numerous accumulated warnings
Jesus christ, Sony fans over 25 years have been so hell-bent on having a game one-up Zelda, that now something mildly alike has come along there's been a series of dumb threads such as these: GoW4 looks nothing like classic Zelda, this thread of desperation. What's even more hilarious is that Nintendo have been like "been there, done that" and moved on to the next game-of-the-generation design choices.