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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

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EtcetEraThread Trump tweets about the "Chinese virus"
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Inflammatory false equivalence surrounding racism
First and foremost, I'm genuinely sorry to hear about what you, your mom and anyone in a similar situation have to go through. No one should have to deal with that shit, especially considering the current situation. That being said, racist rhetorics don't have to result in physical violence in order to be qualified as racist. Additionally, the CCP is also calling it the "Japanese virus", and there's plenty of anti-Japanese racism in China, and it could very easily result in physical violence against them (whether it has happened or not, I do not know). As for people not calling out China on this, I linked to a thread in my first post where a Chinese official was making conspiracy theories about the US army bringing the virus to Wuhan. Not a single person called them out as being racists, so it's already been showed that people don't. And even in this very thread, people are more busy attacking the fact that I pointed out that people are not treating these things the same way rather than calling out the CCP for being racists shitheads just like Trump.I linked to a thread in my original post where people could've easily called out the behavior of the Chinese gov as racist, yet no one did. As for the rest of your post, again I'm genuinely sorry that you and other Asian people have to deal with the fear of racist attacks because of this whole thing. Anyway, the reason why I pointed that out at the bottom of my original post is just because I wish people would be consistent in challenging racist behavior, regardless of who does it. I didn't intend to derail this thread, so I'm gonna stop here. And fuck Trump and his racist ass while I'm at it.