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"Omg everyone hide your baby rape videos before the alt right finds you too!"

AkimbOb-omb's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Nintendo opening new retail store in Israel this summer
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Inflammatory generalizations and misrepresenting other members
Why are you surprised? Anti-impirilism and anti-semitism are widesspread systemic issues throughout the radical left. You are in "good company" on this board.


GamingThread PCGamesN: Suite of upcoming titles, including The Outer Worlds, launching exclusively on Epic Games Store (Unverified Rumor, Tweet was Deleted)
Reason User Warned: Drive-by
As a non-PC gamer I embrace these announcements for their entertainment value. EDIT: LOL Post #3 in this thread is literally a popcorn.gif but shit is serious. I'll see myself out


GamingThread Battlefield fans are upset you play as a regretful Nazi soldier in the new War Story
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Hostility towards other members and inflammatory generalizations
Reported and I won’t further ingage with your Neo-Nazi rhetoric of Wehrmacht/Red Army equation here. That Eastern Europeean countries have suffered for decades under soviet oppression has nothing to do with the Red Army in WW2 liberating half of Europe from Germany and, and this one is important , freeing the death camps in the east and factually stopping the mass murder there. You obviously can’t step back and not see Russia as the opressor that followed the Germans in your country (which they did) while history also sees them (rightfully so, together with all the other allied forces) as anti fascists.I corrected my mistake. Still, my point is, those 33% and 43% were able to see what Hitlers political agenda was at this point. He made that clear by the mid 20s, including expansion to the east and the “Judenfrage”.


GamingThread Eurogamer: GameStop employees claim new Red Dead Redemption 2 demo put them to sleep (Read OP)
Reason User warned: inflammatory and hostile generalizations
I think everyone here knows that Gamestop employees aren't a hivemind and is also aware of the fact that it is blatant generalisation to assume that they all fucking suck. Around 90% of GS employees I personally met actually did fucking suck in one way or the other (being sexist assholes or blatantly incompetent e.g.) and I'm also aware that this is coincidental evidence. But it is a shit company with shit policies and of course this somehow waters down to the quality of their employees. TLTR: GS employees are the worst and not trust worthy /end generalisation