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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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GamingThread COD: MW2 campaign remastered announced, out now on PS4, other platforms at a later date
Reason User banned (3 weeks): Trolling. Platform wars. History of similar behavior.
gotta love sony moneyhatting last gen exclusives while cancelling conferences left and right supposedly to save money.


GamingThread PS5 and Xbox Series speculation launch thread |OT9| - For flops sake!
Reason User warned: Offsite drama discussion,
lol i was about to say. i somehow ended up on TimDog's twitter page (dont ask how) and found two things. 1) he has 16k followers. 2) there are some very respectable posters in this thread that follow and/or interact with him. this guy is literally one of the worst fanboys ive ever seen. i cant imagine how and why anyone would reply or interact with him. this is the guy you ignore. not follow.


GamingThread Next-gen PS5 and next Xbox speculation launch thread |OT7| - nm
Reason User Warned: harassing another user/playing internet detective
believe it or not, that thread was a response to another thread where the poor guy got dogpiled on. apparently, he was known on gaf too. he just doesnt like Sony exclusives. he hates how they win GDC awards for best tech year after year. im pretty sure he got triggered by you mentioning the demo running on a ps5 devkit and immediately and incorrectly assumed it was a sony first party game.


GamingThread Gears of War 5 PC is incredible. Other games should offer dynamic resolution
Reason User warned: derogatory language
i had issues with it at launch. introduced stuttering. is that gone now? i have to run it at 1440p now on my rtx 2080 because even 1800p makes my pc moan like a ps4 pro. edit. edited out the language.


GamingThread Gears 5 breaks records as biggest launch for any Xbox Game Studios game this generation, 3 million players through opening weekend
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Platform wars, Trolling, Numerous prior infractions for similar behavior
Wow. thats $3 million in revenue!


EtcetEraThread Sam Harris’ response when told people call him an anti-Muslim bigot (audio)
Reason User Banned (3 Days) - Inflammatory Generalizations over a series of posts
his trump takedowns and defense of hillary made me like him, and this was after the infamous row with ben affleck. the comments about muslims being rapists though. thats just fucked up. i think what happened in cologne was disgusting and embarrassing for all muslims, but the whole assaulting women in public culture seems to be a north african thing. (i think the world got their first taste of that when lara logan got sexually assaulted during the egypt arab spring, i dont think anyone knew that was a thing before that) the vast majority of muslims live in arab and south asian countries and dont go around sexually assaulting women on new year's eves. and thats what he fails to realize, he is looking at cultural societal issues and appropriating them to religion. it would be like blaming all christians for uganda beheading homosexuals. aside from that blindspot, i find him very enjoyable to listen to and im muslim. sometimes you just gotta accept the fact that the person has their own prejudices.


GamingThread Thank you, devs!
Reason User Banned (5 Days) - Continued history of Platform Warring
Thank you Sony devs for creating remarkable story driven single player campaigns with equally great combat systems unlike other ubisoft devs who couldnt give two shits about good combat systems. Thank you Bungie for creating games that arent riddled with bugs at launch aka anthem. thank you bioware for having the common sense to include random rolls in end game gear so every drop is exciting unlike bungie who after 5 and a half years have remained clueless about how to keep loot interesting. thank you microsoft first party developers for reminding me that why i love sony. thank you nintendo first party developers for making games era wants to play. thank you capcom devs for creating a wonderful engine with some incredible visuals, animations, character designs, combat and all at 60 fps without trying to cash in on the fucking GaaS train like Respawn. thank you respawn for titanfall 2. thank you dice for BF1. fuck you dice for ruining BF1. thank you insomniac for sunset, ratchet and spiderman. 3 of my favorite games this gen.


GamingThread PlayStation will not host a conference for E3 2019 (No off site event either)
Reason User banned (2 days): platform wars rhetoric
cant quote your post. not sure whats going on with era today. MS fucking sucks. They are shit. You can look at my post history to see how much I loathe Phill Spencer and MS's first party output this gen. Hell, just take a look at my posts from earlier this week complaining about nintendo's first party output. Sony is different. I compare Sony to Sony from last gen. Sony is the best first party publisher of the last decade or so. And they are taking a year off. This is troubling. I dont know how else to say this. All the games you mentioned above are games that are 2019 titles. But let's assume for arguments sake that some of these will get pushed to 2020. That still leaves five exclusives for the last two years of the PS4's life cycle. PS3's final two years are as follows.We can argue the quality of these titles but even in 2012 they had stuff to show for PS3's 2020. Next year, they will have nothing. Sony makes a billion dollars from PS+ alone this gen. they are making billions every year. last gen they lost billions and still acquired new studios. and then boom, started closing down one studio after another and that is why they have fucking nothing to show next year. And again, you can call it nonsense but tell me what you expect them to release in 2020 and 2021 for the PS5 besides the games i have already mentioned. Horizon 2, GT7, Spiderman 2, and God of War 2. two exclusives a year. And thats the best case scenario. Everyone here is saying that games like TLOU 2 which was revealed at PSX 2016 wont make the 2019 release. Death Stranding which was revealed in E3 2016 wont receive a 2019 release. Ghosts which was revealed at Paris Game Show in October 2017 wont receive a 2019 release. So why are we so confident that games that will be revealed at E3 2020 will come out in 2021 just a year later? bottom line is that missing a year is ba


EtcetEraThread Online dating as a POC kinda sucks
Reason User warned for using racist terminology
yep, it's true for every race. just see how oriental asians act around black men. growing up in pakistan, there was a huge demand for fair skin women and nearly all the movie and tv stars were fair skin men and women. this is a country with 70% brown skin to dark skin people. i saw my own aunts berate and just dismiss other women and men and boys because they were dark skinned. there were Nivea ads touting its power to turn brown skin women white. entire songs written for fair skin women. it was hilarious in a way. so when i see these threads wondering why white women dont find people of color attractive, i go back to how other races feel the same about brown and black people. you cant force someone to be attracted to people they arent attracted to.