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"We're getting heavily played."

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GamingThread Why are religious people almost always shown as violence loving extremists or as dumb backwards people?
Reason User threadbanned, further action pending review: excessive hostility over a series of posts
Stop fucking lying, gaslighting and putting your strawman in other peoples mouths. Its fucking disgusting. Not shoving your fucking religion down other peoples throats with shit like abortion laws is not being forced to renounce your faith. You like to ACT like it is, because you are taught proselytizing is your God given right and duty to do to others, and that power to force onto other people clearly fucking resonates with you. But its not your right, and not getting to shove your shit down other peoples throats is not you being opressed. They. Are Not The. Same Thing I know your fucking shit like the back of my hand. You arent fooling anyone with this pretend to be the victim crap. It's literally the first default go to tactic. I grew up in this slimy two faced shit pile of 'rhetoric'. It's literally the reason I dropped religion the second I was able to escape.


GamingThread LTTP: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - a unique and gripping game bursting with heart and creativity. I may prefer it to 1.
Reason User Banned (1 week): hostility, inflammatory point of comparison
Bad faith bullshit gaslighting sus alarm going off. This game has the absolute worst fanbase since saga. At least they havent tried to get anyone to commit suicide yet.


EtcetEraThread Sarah Sanders tweets NY Times phone number; asks public to harass them for name of Trump official
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Off-site sleuthing and drama. Long history of infractions for hostility and disruptive behaviour.
Red Text Mod edit: off-site sleuthing removed
Oh he definitely is. He is going ape shit over it. Well that would be because thats the game. This is what they are actually doing. So when people bring up arguing in bad faith, people doing this is usually what they are referring to.


EtcetEraThread What role and place do conservatives and Republicans have on this fourm?
Reason User banned (1 week): hostility towards other members, a history of similar behavior
Yes, you think its ok to kidnap little brown kids because you don't have to see it and it doesn't affect you personally, and the rich get tax breaks and money you will never see, but you feel good by association. We know.


GamingThread Xenoblade 2 is not a great game
Reason User banned (5 days): hostility towards other members, inflammatory rhetoric
No I fucking don't. And I'm guessing by these bullshit responses that refuse to answer the question it means that he in fact, IS a child porn artist, and all the little shitters in this thread knew it the whole damn time and have just been gaslighting.


GamingThread The Switch don't have a "bad lineup" for the second half of the year. Actually, in a way it's better
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Attacking other posters and thread whining
Here's that list of the same exact shit that did absolutely nothing for those people this thread is about, whom this thread was specifically made for, so they can come in, see their is absolutely fucking nothing new say their needs aren't being met by this all over again, for the express purpose of getting everybody who has a corporate worshipping hard on for Nintendo to go in and shit all over people who come into this thread specifically made about them with whataboutisms, fallacies, boxing, and other forms of outright non engaging dismissals, without ever actually adressing anything they say.... Yet again. Gaming side. How many times is this going to be done?


GamingThread Xenoblade Chronicles 2 shipped 1.31 million units. Best-selling "Xeno" title ever?
Reason User Warned: Don't peddle conspiracy theories on the forum.
Thats... debatable, we have no idea how much the first Xenoblade sold, as in the region it sold the most in, gamestop fudged the shipment numbers after the first shipment so they could sell 'used' games at 90 dollars a pop instead of new games at 60. The game was so hard to find, and thought for so long to not even be coming stateside, it's piracy rate of well over a million puts it in the category of one of the most pirated games of all time, at a quarter of modern warfare 2 at the top of the list, which sits at 4 million. Anyone want to compare popularity levels behind one of the biggest call of dutys and a Japanese rpg on 'The fucking two gamecube duct taped together' system? As for the sales, Whether or not that is actually impressive depends on what the numbers are. A game that sells 10 copies sold 10x more than it's predecessor that only sold one, but that' not really worth much. Of course there isn't a single person at Nintendo who has any idea what Xonoblade could be selling. There wasnt a single person working at Nintendo who had any idea what xenoblade was, what they had, or who expected Xenoblade to ever sell period with the first game. It's almost like we had to have an entire campaign calling Nintendo out on their clueless out of touch shit to even get the game, And Nintendo being complete fuckups left money all over the table. It's hilarious that the whole reason anyone, ANYONE in na can even be a fan of xenoblade in the first place is because of people not being corporate worshippers, and pointing out Nintendo dropped the ball.... And then you look at this. Nintendo just xenobladed again.