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"[Mod Edit: Removed links to Twitter linked to hate and harassment]"

*Guaraná's Actioned Posts



GamingThread Phil Spencer: Amazon and Google are ‘the main competitors going forward’ in relation to Sony and Nintendo’s ability to create a cloud infrastructure
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Platform Warring
let's see this thread again in 6 years when the PS5 reaches another 100mi mark and Xbone fails to reach 60.


GamingThread Epic Games Store Exclusive "Tetris Effect" Requires SteamVR to run in VR mode
Reason User Warned - Trolling
Omg what a nice surprise, glonna get as soon as available. This will look awesome in 90fps.


GamingThread Persona 5R "New Projects" Teaser Trailer, details coming March 2019, PS4 (at least) confirmed
Reason User banned (3 days): Backseat modding and harassing another user.
I will stick with what I get and what I get now is a PS4 logo and that's it. at least I'm not trying to speculate on something I don't know and create Buzz around something that's just not going to happen so I get my 15 minutes of attention. I don't know if that the Mystic guy said something here or are just on his Twitter. but if he said something here claiming to be an Insider he should get banned as an example for other people trying to do the same.