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EtcetEraThread Mentally preparing myself for Republicans controlling Congress even after mid-terms
Reason User banned (3 days): ignoring a modpost by continuing to insinuate that another user is a Nazi sympathizer.
Yeah, but also see I specifically said the only moderates getting called Nazi sympathizers are those doing it, which lead to his silly overly defensive response, but whatever little narrative you want to go with Do you demand a spot in the conversation for Nazis? You still haven't answered that question. If you don't, then you're not a Nazi sympathizer, but if you do, you are. As far as the rest, I'm not Jesus, and I'm sure not going to shoulder your choice not to vote. You don't vote, that's your choice. You want someone to pin sin on, you can go to church, that shit ain't on me, no matter how much you want to make it about me