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GamingThread What is about Nintendo that allows them to create the largest library of high scoring/selling games?
Reason User Banned (3 Days): System warring, list wars.
Ugh too much hyperbole there TC. Switch has 2 games over 95. 1 game between 90-94 11 games 80-89 So if 80+ is a really good game, PS4 also has 2 games over 95, both of which are not on Switch and one is a full exclusive PS4 has 13 games between 90-94 PS4 has 136 games between 80-89 So if 80+ is a really good game, If we want to look at sales, Switch games have topped out at around 9 million for a big game like Mario Odyssey. PS4 has 6 games over that with GTAV at around 17 million just on PS4. Uncharted 4 has over 10 million. So no matter how you slice it, you're just wrong TC about Nintendo being #1 in any metric. All that said, to answer your question, I think a few of their devs use unique development techniques to bring quality to their titles. Nintendo games are always impeccably polished too. They are definitely world class, and can win GotY awards or even GotG awards. But I hesitate calling them "the best". thats unfair to other human beings on earth working hard to make great games. You can call Nintendo your favorite dev all day long. They're my favorite dev. But other devs are very talented too and can make awesome games that sell really well.