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GamingThread EDGE #319 Review Scores
Reason User warned: attempt to discredit outlet
I wouldn't think anything in particular of the GoW score on its own; it's sensibly below the metacritic average but hey, it may not be down their alley, 8 is a good score, yadda yadda. What makes this entire thing putrid is the 7 to SoT. Yes, tastes are tastes but in no universe SoT is a 7 and GoW is an 8. And lo and behold, SoT comes from *ding ding* a british developer! Want to be harsh? Good, but be fair. They always pull this shit. They know everyone thinks they're biased, they know they're gonna be accused of it, and whenever there's the chance they slam some major exclusive to prop up the british game of the month. Like a clockwork. I'll wait till I can read the reviews; if anything, the mental gymnastics should be entertaining.