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GamingThread why are Sony so backwards with buying from different regions?
Reason User Warned: Inappropriate language.
What are you talking about? Why would government come knocking on someone's door? All games on Microsoft store have correct ratings on each store front. If you buy in US and switch to Germany, you game from US will have USK rating. Sony is just retarded and made mess of a system. Steam had unified account and games system from get go, you can switch regions as you please on same account and library as long as you have credit card from that region and logged at least once from IP of that region. Sony retarded approach is the reason you can't move regions of your account or change your PSN name. Or when they change your name for you (i.e. offensive name), you get completely new account with same details and library, and lose your save data in cloud, your trophies and your friend list.