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GamingThread CDPR seems to be the only one that understands how to provide multiple possible endings to a story.
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With that out of the way, I want to talk about games (typically RPGs) that tout the fact that their story has multiple endings. This is almost a given for any Western RPG to sell the idea that your "choice has consequences." But in actuality, the "multiple" endings is really just three separate cutscenes (usually not even that different) that play after the same final level that every player experiences. And that's your "multiple" ending, a completely passive cutscene which requires far less effort on the part of the developer than a whole separate gameplay segment. On the other hand, for two games now (three if you count TW2) CDPR has produced titles which actually have multiple endings, like full on totally separate ending sequences complete with gameplay. In TW3, you don't have any singular choice that provides you with an ending. Rather, the ending you receive is the culmination of several choices throughout the game. But regardless, the ending you get is totally unique than any of the other endings possible. And each ending has a quite lengthy ending quest, including one with a full-on boss fight. This actually really impressed me when the game initially released as that's usually uncommon, especially in the AAA space. The endings are all different and provide about 15-30 minutes of extra content. Then we get to , now this game is far less RPG than TW3 and your ending result really is just predicated on your big choice before the final mission. Still, despite all that, the game has several completely separate epilogue sequences with their own unique gameplay and varying lengths. You actually feel like the ending you get is unique and not just some copy and paste slideshow with a different voice over. In comparison, most other games just do not offer this, even if I find them superior overall games. , ,, , , hell even smaller titles like , or . They all just tend to end with slightly different cutscenes or some sort of slide show where the game recaps all the choices you made and their consequences, which TW3 also does AFTER providing you a completely unique epilogue. Outside of CDPR I can think of only games like or David Cage games that provide a similar experience of actually unique epilogues complete with gameplay. Am I right here? And why aren't more developers following this?