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EtcetEraThread The Rise of the Crisis Actor Conspiracy Movement (VICE YouTube)
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Trolling about crisis actor conspiracy theories, long history of infractions.
I had to do that because of your stance on the Skripal-poisoning. The child actor is extremely bad btw, I do believe someone shot up a school, but the actor is too bad and he is the reason why people believe in the government staging attacks. To give a f- 'live' interview with a mf- earpiece :-D Also his fake emotions are too bad. He would never be hired for any big movie I can tell you that :-) I didn't believe it because of his bad/fake acting (if that makes any sense). I merely googled him and saw he had an IMDB page, but now that I went to see it, it appears the IMDB page is a hoax. Btw I can 100% prove he is a professional actor: -he got paid to do interviews, in which he practiced sound-bites (whatever those are) in front of the camera, and as a result; he was acting. So while crisis-actor hoaxes are (most probably) fake, the kid is still an actor IMO